School Of Creativity

school of creativity by vivek ranjan agnihotri

All of us are born creative geniuses. Why then most people cease to be creative as they grow up? Why is it that only singers, writers, painters etc are considered creative and not chartered accountants, housewives, clerks etc. Because we are conditioned to believe only art is creative, whereas everything we do in life is creative. I have spent most of my life researching this paradox, while working in media, advertising, literary world and public life, and discovered my own #CreativeConsciousness. And my life changed. Forever. I found a new dimension of success which is not just materialistic but holistic and everlasting.

School of Creativity is my effort to help seekers discover their #CreativeConsciousness and become successful in life.

Anyone who wants to chart his/her own path.
Whether you are an aspiring filmmaker, writer, actor, singer, blogger or have a business idea, SOC is for you.
If you are a CA, engineer, executive, housewife or just a retired person, SOC is for you. It’s fore everyone who is seeking a holistic, durable ‘Success Plus’.
You will be provided a platform to groom and launch yourself into the public eye.

Masterclasses: SOC is a digital self-exploration platform where your will find extensively researched, tried and tested, life-changing Masterclasses which have helped many people who didn’t know that’s they are capable of becoming successful. These Masterclasses work like Google Maps and help you navigate your way to Success Plus.
Creative Library: Besides these life-changing Masterclasses, I also share blogs and podcasts which give you various perspectives, tools and techniques to find your purpose and achieve it. Successfully.
Workshops: Soon I’ll start workshops and courses which will help you with:
  1. Mastering your inner creativity
  2. Creative Thinking – A science like Yoga
  3. Practical tools & techniques to succeed in new digital world.

Yes. If you want to be mentored by me, please write to me explaining in detail why you should be mentored. Also send any work you have done that involved a creative side of yours on contact. If I think you should be mentored one-on-one by me, then I’ll personally groom and train you. What is the takeaway from the #SchoolOfCreativity? I’ll also provide you a platform to showcase your talent. For example, if you are an aspiring filmmaker we will produce and promote your film. Also, shortlisted students will receive a chance to work with me on my next film.

For me SOC is not a profit making venture. I am doing it so that the young people use their creative genius and become successful. Still it takes a lot to personally mentor someone. Hence, this is an expensive proposition. There are no fixed charges and I will review submissions personally based on your potential and finacial situation.


Creative Consciousness Masterclass

Creative Consciousness

Creative consciousness is an art of empowering your mind and heart to bring the right blend of experience and creativity in life.

Rs. 1000 / $20 for lifetime access.

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