Disruptive Filmmaking Masterclass

Dive into the world of disruptive filmmaking with Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri’s masterclass, a transformative journey designed to unlock your cinematic superpower. This course isn’t just about honing filmmaking skills; it’s about discovering the essence of creativity and how it can elevate your work beyond the ordinary. With a blend of personal insights and practical wisdom, Vivek guides you through six pivotal lessons:

  1. Identifying Your Superpower: Uncover the unique strengths that set you apart in the world of filmmaking. This session encourages you to delve deep and recognize your intrinsic talents that can shape your cinematic vision.
  2. Creativity vs. Skills: Learn to balance the art of creativity with the craft of filmmaking. This lesson demystifies the dynamic between innate creativity and learned skills, emphasising the importance of both in creating disruptive cinema.
  3. Thou Are That: A profound exploration of self-realisation within the filmmaking process. Vivek invites you to a deeper understanding of your identity as a creator and how this awareness can transform your approach to storytelling.
  4. The 3 Ds to Change Your Life: Dive into the three Ds—Discipline, Dedication, and Determination—that are pivotal for any filmmaker seeking to make a significant impact. This module is designed to inspire change, both personally and professionally.
  5. Ask Who Am I?: A reflective journey into the core of your being. This lesson challenges you to question and explore your motivations, aspirations, and the essence of your creative spirit.
  6. Discover Your Own Path: Forge your unique path in the disruptive filmmaking landscape. This final lesson empowers you to blend your newly discovered superpowers, creativity, and personal insights into a distinctive filmmaking approach that resonates with your authentic voice.


Dreaming of making waves as a filmmaker, writer, actor, singer, or blogger? Got a business idea simmering? School of Creativity (SOC) is your launchpad.

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Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, writer, actor, or creative thinker, VRA’s Disruptive Filmmaking Masterclass is your gateway to transcending conventional boundaries and crafting stories that resonate, disrupt, and inspire. Join now and embark on a journey to redefine cinema through the lens of your unparalleled creativity.


What is the School of Creativity?

Why is it that creativity, a trait we're all born with, seems to fade as we grow older? In society, creativity is often reserved for artists, musicians, and writers, overlooking the creative potential in professions like accounting, homemaking, or clerical work. This narrow view stems from a misconception that creativity is exclusive to the arts, ignoring its presence in every facet of life. Throughout my career in media, advertising, literature, and public engagement, I've delved deep into this creativity paradox and awakened my own #CreativeConsciousness, transforming my life in ways I never imagined. This newfound success transcends material gains, offering a holistic and enduring fulfilment.

The School of Creativity is my initiative to guide others on their journey to uncover their #CreativeConsciousness. It's designed to unlock the inherent creativity within, empowering individuals to achieve success that is not only material but also deeply fulfilling and sustainable.

Who is this course meant for?

Dreaming of making waves as a filmmaker, writer, actor, singer, or blogger? Got a business idea simmering? School of Creativity (SOC) is your launchpad. It's not just for creatives – whether you're a CA, engineer, executive, homemaker, or enjoying retirement, SOC caters to all. For anyone seeking a blend of enduring success and personal fulfilment, we offer the platform to groom yourself and propel you into the spotlight.

What are the courses offered at the School Of Creativity?

Masterclasses at SOC: Dive into our digital haven for self-discovery, featuring meticulously curated Masterclasses that have transformed lives. These Masterclasses, grounded in extensive research and proven results, act as your personal navigator to success, guiding you to unlock your untapped potential.

Creative Library: Beyond our transformative Masterclasses, explore a wealth of knowledge through insightful blogs and podcasts. These resources equip you with diverse perspectives, tools, and techniques to discover your purpose and attain success on your terms.

Upcoming Workshops: Get ready for an exciting line-up of workshops and courses designed to:

  • Unleash your inner creativity
  • Demystify Creative Thinking as a structured approach akin to Yoga
  • Provide practical tools and strategies for thriving in the digital era.
Can I get mentored?

Certainly! If you're interested in one-on-one mentorship, please reach out with a detailed explanation of why you believe you're a fit for this opportunity. Include any creative work you've accomplished so far at contact. If your submission catches my eye, I'll personally guide and nurture your talents. At the #SchoolOfCreativity, you gain more than knowledge; you get a stage to shine on. Aspiring filmmakers, for instance, might see their projects produced and promoted. Plus, standout students could even join me on my upcoming film project.

How much does mentoring cost?

The School of Creativity (SOC) isn't about making a profit for me. My goal is to empower the youth to tap into their creative genius and achieve success. Personal mentorship, however, requires significant resources, making it a premium offering. Pricing isn't fixed; I personally review each submission, considering both potential and financial circumstances.