Refund Policy

Thank you for purchasing the content of our website. We ensure that our user get the best experience from our site. And we ensure that always gives preference to your priorities. As with every online purchasing experience there are certain terms and conditions, privacy policy and refund policy of the site you visit.

If you are a member or a user this website and you are using the content of this site but due to certain reasons you want to Cancel a confirmed enrolment made by our website so, you must go through our refund and cancellation policy.

Under the cancellation policy of our site, no refund will be made for the education services you have already bought. This service may contain courses, practice paper or any other things.

If you want more detailed information regarding this, you may visit our site. Our site will not initiate any refund due pursuant to the payment terms. Further, we have no refund or any partial refund against the paid digital downloaded content.

Fees paid at the time of filing an application will not be refunded neither fully nor partially. Once the fees are remitted by the user, it will not be entertained by us and it is immaterial that there is some variation in your circumstances or as the case may be.

Provided that if there is a situation where the fees are deducted from your account more than once then the additional fees can be refunded to you after certain investigation.

Our site provides creative knowledge to their users if it is learned once then that knowledge cannot be taken back from the learner then how can it be possible that you take the content from the user after he deny or cancel the subscription. This is the reason that our cancellation policy clearly states no refund policy.