What is Truth?


Everyone is seeking truth yet no one knows it. Is there just one ultimate truth? Or there are infinite fragments of truth, like us. Aren’t all of us, our being, our thinking, our lives, each breath of ours, each action of ours, part of that truth?

If an object is made of trillions of particles, you take out one particle and it’s not the same object anymore. A painting minus one stroke is not the same painting. A symphony with one missing note is not that symphony. Can there be any ultimate truth without its parts – that is us. Isn’t everyone, every creation, every object, every wave and vibration part of one whole truth? Then how can one claim to know more truth than the other?

Can anyone cell of our body claim to be more important than the other? It is in the oneness of all the cells of the body, that the beauty of life lies. In the oneness of this cosmos, lies the ultimate truth. We are all equal in that truth, only separate from the role we play in making this universe complete and living. Like by knowing a cell, one can know the entire body, by knowing oneself, one can know the whole truth.

Nobody, however enlightened that person claims to be, can ever lead you to your truth. because, you are that truth. Thou art that.

Know thyself. Know the truth.

Be #IAmBuddha

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