The Book of Life

Releasing Soon...

This book is an initiative, which—I hope—will herald a new era in the realm of books, wherein the creativity that is innate in every one of us finds expression. For this, and to establish a connection between us, I have linked this book to the Internet ( Here, you can voice your opinions on the stories featured in this book and share your thoughts and perspectives, making this book interactive; only then will The Book of Life find its true meaning.

I encourage every reader, regardless of their age, to write stories, on any subject, and share them with me through this website; we will publish these stories on

I have always encouraged people to write, to create. Trust me, each one of us can write a story, because each one of us can ‘imagine.’ Take any three words, say—soldier, war and medal. Tell me, what comes to your mind? Perhaps…of a soldier who fought bravely in a war and got the medal. Thus begins a story… One could keep adding to this story—on how the war began, the circumstances, the result, and so on.

Similarly, life is also a story. In fact, everything in this world is a story. So, pick up a pen and write your story; share it with me, and when we have enough stories, we will select the best and feature them in The Book of Life – Part II—which would be your book of life, my book of life, our book of life.

—Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri