Stan Swamy, Urban Naxals and ‘Destabilise India Inc’


Today is a sad day. A shameful day.

Sad because an old man died. RIP, Father Stan Swamy.

It’s a shameful day because the enemies of India are being glorified and celebrated by elite intellectuals, by Nehru and Gandhi’s Congress, by certain journalists, academicians and even several Bollywood celebrities.

So why are they doing it? Because ‘Destabilising India’ is the new organised business. With profits.

Some say Stan was an activist. Well, for Naxals social justice and human rights activism are a facade to hide their terrorism against the state of India. They support everything that negates the nationhood of India. They want India to disintegrate.

In Kashmir, those who led the ‘Free Kashmir’ campaign with guns and grenades are also called activists. A lot of human rights activists actually support the killings of police and army officers. Some of them also support the killings by terrorists: so what if the victims are innocent civilians or even children?

Do you know that Naxals in tribal areas routinely blast roads, schools, hospitals and other public utility buildings? They do it so that the development never reaches these remote areas and so that the tribals remain disconnected from the world. They do not allow television sets because TV can create desires and tribals then would want to buy consumer goods and connect with the real world. Naxals have survived for over 50 years, despite their heinous violence, by keeping Naxal-affected areas in complete darkness.

Why does no one talk about these inhuman crimes of Naxals?

In tribal areas, they conduct kangaroo courts, known as Jan Adalats, where the most-favoured judgement is called ‘dedh foot’ (one and a half foot), which refers to the beheading of anyone who does not offer unconditional support to Naxals. Exactly like ISIS and the Taliban.

They kill children and rape Adivasi women, and instead blame security forces and the nation state for such atrocities. In many cases, they have wrenched out the intestines of little Adivasi children in front of their hapless parents and danced around.

It’s a shameful day because Naxals who killed the entire cadre of Congress in Chhattisgarh, including Indira Gandhi’s trusted lieutenant, Vidya Charan Shukla, are today being glorified by Indira’s grandson Rahul and his party members.

Do you know these Naxals mercilessly extort poor Adivasis? Adivasis survive by selling Tendu leaves. Naxals extort money from these poor tribals at gunpoint as they charge a commission from their gross sales. Police intelligence has found that this amounts to approximately Rs 60-70 crore in just one season.

They have an organised extortion racket going on since a long time: government contractors have to pay a commission for any major construction works, like roads, etc in the area. Any construction is charged at 15%. Minor construction and other works at the panchayat-level too come in the 10-15% commission category.

On an average a 1- km road in Bastar is built for around Rs 2- 2.5 crore ( if it’s a National Highway) and Rs 1-1.5 crore in other cases. In 2016, more than 230-km roads were completed in Bastar. So estimated extortion would be in the range of Rs 65-70 crore on roads alone.

There is levy on vehicles and any business based on four-wheeler or passenger bus, etc at 5-10% of earnings. Naxals don’t spare even government servants, like teachers, ashram staff, hostel staff, etc and levy one month’s salary. They charge commission from all funds granted to panchayats in the Naxal-affected area.

Then there is local cess on agriculture levied in terms of agricultural produce. An intelligence agency’s estimate of money extorted by Naxals in 2016 was around Rs 1,100 crore annually.

Any sane person would ask where does this money go? It’s partly used to buy arms and ammunition and other logistical expenses, but most of it reaches front organisations in urban areas.

In urban areas, this money is used by FOs, NGOs and human rights activists, which are facades to hide their real objective to ‘buy ideological, logistical, organisational and legal support’ from intellectuals, influencers, media, academia, celebrities and even police and government officers.

According to strategic Naxal documents, their only objective is to destabilise the Indian democracy by capturing cities and creating anarchy, and eventually civil war, to take over the state with armed revolution. This is what I called Urban Naxalism. If anyone has any doubt about it, they can read official Naxal documents in great detail in my bestseller, ‘Urban Naxals’

No wonder, the court said that Stan Swamy was a member of Maoist/Naxal groups that routinely massacre our innocent Adivasis and jawans. Exactly like terrorists in Kashmir. No wonder Urban Naxal leader Varvara Rao had famously said that “it’s time for all revolutionary forces like the ones in Kashmir or the North-East to unite against India”.

We have seen that there was a loud and coordinated campaign to get bail for Stan Swamy on grounds of ill-health and old age. But the court refused. The judge who was deciding upon the request for bail observed that the seriousness of the allegations against Stan Swamy are such that his age or health cannot go in his favour.

The court further observed that Stan Swamy was not only the member of the dreaded and banned organisation, CPI (Maoist), but he was also carrying out activities to overthrow the democracy of the nation and had received lakhs of rupees to destabilise India.

The court had further observed that the evidence and material placed on record thus prima facie denote that ‘a serious conspiracy’ was hatched ‘to create unrest in the entire country and to overpower the government, politically and by using muscle power’.

Hope you understand why ‘destabilise India’ is a profitable business. And who are the Urban Naxals with stakes in this dangerous business? 

The answer lies in the fact that those who are glorifying Stan Swamy are the same people who glorified Maqbool Bhatt, Afzal Guru, Burhan Wani and Yaqub Memon. These enablers are #UrbanNaxals, like Stan Swamy. It’s the duty of every law-abiding, patriotic Indian to expose and defeat them.

Because, like terrorists, Urban Naxals are the biggest enemies of India.

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