Meditation by Chaos


We don’t live in isolation. There is so much happening to us all the time that is beyond our control. Right from our birth to our death. There are cellular and chemical changes taking place in our body, every moment. Millions of images, ideas and messages are being absorbed in our mind without us being aware of them. The society we live in is changing every moment without our sanction. If you look closely, we have very little control on anything which we depend on for our existence. Almost all of our actions are not out of our choice instead they are function of our conditionings which were forced in our mind by other factors. 

While you read thisin the next 30 seconds, you will, on an average, produce 72 million red blood cells, shed 174,000 skin cells, and have 25 thoughts. This is how creative your body is! And you have no control over it.

Yet, we take so much pride in our actions,our thoughts, our growth etc which are all happening due to a combination of factors. There is so much chaos around us, inside us. It is through this churning of chaos that we exist. We are all products of the web of this continued chaos. This is why everyone values peace so much. We value freedom so much. What is freedom? Its actually freedom from this chaos. Freedom to be in a place where we can control this chaos.

We, humans are very hapless beings. That’s why we are always looking for escape from this chaos.  Everything we do in life besides earning food, sleep, warmth and basic sex is escapism from the chaos. Even mediation. Then why do we meditate?

We meditate to focus and discipline our minds. And that’s exactly what the colleges and universities are doing. They are disciplining our minds. That’s why subjects are called disciplines. Who follow it are called disciples. Through these disciplines, we are made soldiers. Soldiers of this chaos. That’s why we never find peace and freedom. We remain enslaved. Despite thousands of years of struggle. Every revolution creates more chaos. And the need to escape more. The more we try to escape, the more this chaos strangulates us. In such state, even meditation becomes an escape. A pretence. 

That’s why I say meditate in chaos. Meditate about chaos. Meditate for the chaos. It’s only when you become chaos yourself.When you are not different from it, when you and the chaos are one, you discover creativity. At that level there is absolute freedom from discipline. There is no dullness, only churning, creativity and discovery. That’s where God is. That’s where enlightenment is. There can’t be more enlightening or divine moment than the birth of life. And that’s the most chaotic moment. Observe that. Observe your own chaos. Don’t judge it. Just observe it. You will start seeing colours you wouldn’t have seen before. You will hear sounds that you wouldn’t have heard before. That is when you will discover the unseen part of yourself. That, my friend is your Buddha self. Be there in chaos. Be meditative in chaos, Be #IAm Buddha.

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