Creative Consciousness

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Creative consciousness is an art of empowering your mind and heart to bring the right blend of experience and creativity in life. It is a kind of self-mastery when you start to delearn how creativity and consciousness can affect the outcomes in our lives. Our course helps you transform yourself and lead others in a way that opens up tons of opportunities. Through this course, you get to learn how to train your minds to work in a certain way and strengthen your mind to improve thinking. You understand how to be creative with your energy and vibes to manifest a positive life.

1 – Discover Your Creativity

2 – The Different Levels of Creativity

3 – The Different Levels of Consciousness

4 – Ego Consciousness

5 – Comfort Consciousness

6 – Mother Nature Consciousness

7 – Creative Consciousness for Success+

Creative Consciousness

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    I registered, got payment confirmation but when I log in I get sorry video not available.
    Can you guide what to do.. On 3rd video it is showing message “Private video login to view” and going to vimeo login.

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