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Dieting Already

One of Brazil’s great philosophers, Tim Maia, once said: “I decided to go on a strict diet. I cut out alcohol, all fats and sugar. In two weeks I lost 14 days”. For many years I have known a marvelous … Continue reading

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What IS GST?

The other day I was travelling with my young daughter. Everyone was talking about GST. She asked me why it’s in news and how does it help us. I tried to explain to her but like a father, with complex … Continue reading

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15 Reasons Why Kejriwal Must See ‘Buddha In A Traffic Jam’

You being a cinema enthusiast and India lover would definitely love the film because of its contemporary relevance and consider tax rebate, as extremely high rates of taxes do not let the poor students watch meaningful cinema. Continue reading

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A Historic day at JNU

That day my faith was reaffirmed that at JNU, students who love India outnumber students who want ‘Bharat ki barbadi’. Continue reading

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It all started with a tweet

Buddha wasn’t going anywhere. Everyone had backed out. there was no money. Then I posted two tweets. And never looked back. Continue reading

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Indian woman – Sati or Shakti?

Indian Woman plays the most important part in our society yet she is the most ignored member of our society. It’s entirely our choice whether we want to see Sati with pity or celebrate her as Shakti. Continue reading

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Why Kanhaiya is not a youth icon

By calling him an youth icon, you are insulting millions of Indian youth/students who at this very moment are studying hard and getting prepared to create wealth and repay their motherland by getting her Azadi from poverty and ‘traders of poverty’. Continue reading

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