Why Kanhaiya is not a youth icon

I heard Kanhaiya’s speech and it took me back to my college days when student politics wasn’t as sophisticated and oiled. When mediamen & women had not become brokers. It wasn’t limited to ideological confrontation but also involved desi katta, swords, gupties, hockey sticks, crude bombs and Rampuriya chakoos. In the midst of all this there were speeches and sloganeering by students leaders and their mentors from either Congress, ABVP or Leftist parties. Those speeches were mostly about how to make university a better place for students. Only leaders from Leftist parties used to gives speeches which were about an utopian social engineering and freedom from the state. Listening to Kanhaiya, I felt as if I was listening to a pop-version of speeches I heard many decades ago. Barring Kanhaiya’s personal mannerisms and dialect it was straight out of a communist template.

It appears that Communists have a ‘speech template’ and all their leaders are given training in speaking the same way. The strategy is simple: take an unattainable, high moral ground, raise the concerns over all evils of the society but never present a plan to eradicate these evils. In any society there are always some people who are perpetually dissatisfied with everything. To an extent that even if you give them Azadi, they will find problems in that also. From my student days until Kanhaiya, they have been fooling people without giving any solutions. Ask Kanhaiya how will he get us Azadi from poverty and Manuvaad and Brahmanism and I am sure he will shift the goalpost. This is why I do not subscribe to Communism.

I won’t go into details of Kanhaiya’s speech as it’s a function of his political agenda but I’d request him not to mention Manu Smriti without studying and understanding it. Manu Smriti doesn’t speak of caste system. It talks of Varnas. Var means choice. One choses to be Brahmin and Shudra as per his knowledge, wisdom and deeds. Manu Smriti allows people to change their Varna, which means a Shudra can become Brahmin and vice versa. Also, its time communists stop using Manu Smriti to exploit uneducated, poor people.  Their strategy is to use innocent people to further their agenda and which is why I do not agree with Communists.

I’d also advise him and his supporters not to talk of freedom of speech as JNU is the last place where dissent and FoE is practised. People with ‘If you aren’t anti-state, you are an enemy’ kind of attitude must not give us sermons on FoE. FoE is part of Indian’s native intelligence.  By native I mean Hindus like Kanhaiya and me. It’s native Hindu civilisation’s strength and openness that Muslims and Christians are accepted in mainstream culture. Dear Kanhaiya, if you chose to blame one hard working chaiwala for all the evils, just because he represents Hindu aspirations, it shows your lack of understanding. It shows you have thoughts but your mind is not Azad (free). To understand what I am saying you may have to consult Manu Smriti.

Another reason I do not subscribe to Communism of Kanahiya is that they profess revolution, seek freedom and practice violence. Tens of thousands of innocent people have been killed in Naxal infested areas (almost 50% of India) and millions remain poor and oppressed. Your comrades do not allow TV in tribal areas as it can instill greed and adivasis would want to make money and the only antidote to your poison is money. Communism is not an ideology, its an economic system but mentors of Kanhaiya fool people by projecting it as an ideology. Liberalism and even Fascism are ideologies but Communism is not. That’s why I don’t subscribe to this sinister politics.

Communism is really good as a text book material. In practice, it destroys societies, their spirit. Just look around the world and you will find that wherever communism reached, people lost their freedom. Their voice. Their lives. First it makes you angry, then hapless and then a victim. It does not allow dissent or debate. Have you ever heard of one instance where comrades openly conflicted? Communism’s only contribution is that it has encouraged poverty, mediocrity and violence. I shun such hypocrisy.

Dalai Lama is a living example of how much Azadi communism allows. He has been living in free India as a refugee, away from his motherland, because of Communism. West Bengal is another living example of how communist ideology destroyed the entire region. Today, Calcutta is a a monument of poverty and failure. I can bet you will never meet anyone who has been benefitted by communism or terrorism. In modern india, Communists have acted as intellectual terrorists. 

So people who are too excited and want to portray Kanhaiya as a hero or a youth icon aren’t in love with Communist ideology. They have nothing to do with JNU. They don’t want any Azadi. They are supporting him because they don’t want Modi to grow. Because Modi means Azadi from corruption, sycophancy and middlemen. Even Radia will vouch that most of our media men and women don’t want this Azadi. Hence, Kejriwal. Kejriwal fails. Hence, Kanhaiya.

It’s as simple as that.

PS: Dear Barkha Dutts, Rajdeep Sardesais and Pritish Nandis, Kanhaiya represents emotions of just a few thousand students of JNU and JNU kind of institutions. Even they will flip once they have to earn bread and butter. India is too big and has millions of real students who actually want Azadi from such negativity, pseudo intellectualism and brokership. Students who want to be proud of their nationality, their constitution, their government, their people and their culture. Kanhaiya does not represent their aspirations. But he most certainly is a tool to further your own political agenda. He is not an youth icon. He is a trained, well funded closet politician like you. By calling him an youth icon, you are  insulting millions of Indian youth/students who at this very moment are studying hard and getting prepared to create wealth and repay their motherland by getting her Azadi from poverty and ‘traders of poverty’.Like Kanhiya said, you have understood what I mean.  


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57 Responses to Why Kanhaiya is not a youth icon

  1. Rishabh says:

    I agree completely. Rather I would like to add a few points and bring them to your notice. Kanhaiyya was initially part of a program which headlined “against the judicial killing of afzal” .
    Since he has got bail there’s no word of it . He knows perfectly what to say when. He has makings of a smart political figure .
    The person is a venomous snake, wants to side with the leftist parties and overthrow the present govt, that’s why media is making him a youth icon.

  2. Rishabh says:

    I agree completely. Rather I would like to add a few points and bring them to your notice. Kanhaiyya was initially part of a program which headlined “against the judicial killing of afzal” .
    Since he has got bail there’s no word of it, rather he says rohit vemula is his icon . He knows perfectly what to say when. He has makings of a smart political figure .
    The person is a venomous snake, wants to side with the leftist parties and overthrow the present govt, that’s why media is making him a youth icon.

    • venugopal says:

      These communist rogues know world over their ideas are buried. Now they talk of Azadi when the countries which were ruled killed who opposed them.Here they preach to loot kill the rich farmer. Indus, police and topple Govts. Time Govt gives no freedom except debates with in Hall of Universities.

  3. rajbihani says:

    Very well articulated the views and likings of an average student of india who do want to ascribe to kanhaiya type Union room rowdy!

  4. Anantharam says:

    Thank you very much sir.

  5. Lakhan Tomar says:

    My only question to you is Sir, why in your opinion communism can not further evolve ? Haven’t democracy or any other mode of governance changed and truly evolved with time ? In your own words ”’even likes of Kanhaiya “would flip once they have to earn for their bread & butter”…My question to you is should they actually flip ? Is the system that compels them to do so actually any better then the woes & anomalies you have attached to communism ?

    • Anil Goel says:

      Communism instead of evolving, has doomed…it doomed in Hungry, when in 1956 it killed millions…read it on widkipedia…link is given below… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungarian_Revolution_of_1956 See more about communists’ follies… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_killings_under_Communist_regimes And still more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Black_Book_of_Communism
      They did POLITICAL murder of Ram Vilas Sharma when he, through his books, tried to show that ARYANS HAD NOT COME FROM OUTSIDE INDIA (THE OLD, AKHAND BHARAT INCLUDING AFGHANISTAN). Somnath Chatterjee, the old, veteran, speaker of Lok Sabha, was also humiliated by them when he tried to talk sensible. There are thousands of such examples. See the film ‘Sagina’. Read the play ‘Raaste’, written by a JNU professor, G.P. Deshpande, a leftist himself. Why Cuba and North Korea are having second and third generations of the same family ruling the countries? This is their democracy. And why everybody against the North Korean supremo is being killed officially? Why the communists in India favour everything related to Islam, and ridicule everything related to Hinduism? Do the Muslims not have sufficient intelligence in themselves that they need a ‘Vakeel’ like Kanhaiya? Why Kanhaiya needs to protect them? Pl. ponder over impartially and make your own mind, after making an educated opinion, not on slogans, but on historical facts…

  6. Nitin Nimkar says:

    Dear Vivek Agnihotri,

    Excellent article. I would also like to point out that the world over communism failed because of interdependent international trade & communication among various countries. Those who could adjust with it flourished like China abandoning communism. Those who couldn’t, failed like East European Block or Russia. In India also, we will see that western states are relatively developed who trade overseas, than eastern states who subscribe to Left. The solution to left menace in India is to tell them to earn their dollars themselves to buy their petrol & energy & not depend on dollars earning west. The communism will collapse in India. Communists are the pests living on sucking blood from Internationally trading western India.

    Point to be noted here is Calcutta was a first thriving international trade centre which has been turned in to dying city by Communists with 34 years rule of Communists. Whereas Mumbai is still thriving even though it is overloaded. If communists in India are forced to practice their economic policies and buy their own energy needs they will fail miserably.

  7. Jitendra Kumar says:

    Very nice article!

  8. Just truth without any ppreconceived notions…great…keep it up…vivek sir…someone has to Do this…to undress the reality of theSe hypocrites

  9. Tanmay Patil says:

    Typical garbage article. Lol at his attempt to justify something as evil as ‘Manu smriti’. Typical Sanghi with his narrow minded view of ‘Nationalism’

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  11. Suresh m.n says:

    So true Vivek. Look at Calcutta the second manchaster during our independence. What comrades have done in 40 years. Parents send children to universities to study. These guys are like pigs and settle there at the cost of tax payers money.

  12. I wish kanhaiya could read this. Bhaag khada hota.

  13. Simi says:

    This is just a criticism on what is happening in the national level, not even inducing the reader to think. Just a layman’s voice indeed.

  14. Padma Hegde says:

    When I heard kannayya’s speech, it was like childish. Now everybody criticised Hinduism. A hindu doesn’t know everything about Hinduism. This is speciality of our dharma. It has not come from a person’s view.

    • arishsahani says:

      ITS well audited and planned release of his interview to make all confused and find his followers. Media is tool to find supporters and speed lies.

  15. ksesh42 says:

    This diatribe is as poisonous and hate-filled as anything the Fringe puts out. But this too comes from the fringe, right? The one that assumes they are the only key-holders of Hindu/Indian civilisation and all others are renegades, brainwashed un-Indians. This assumes automatically that Kanhaiya is a communist. (What if he is ? Communists have been here in India for many decades, and have not made a dent in the Indian psyche. )
    This guy is wise beyond his years and compassionate- just go through his speech post-release again and you should be struck by its moderation. But if you decide that this guy is poison, and JNU is a nest of vipers, everything he says is wrong and anti-national.
    It is people like you who whip up hatred and divide the country. No dissent. No reasoned arguments. Just venom. And you say things like “millions of Indians are insulted….” as if you represent them or have heard from them. You represent the hard-core right-wing that does not want anyone to dissent on anything.
    It is a sad day for India that people like you are actually published and heard.
    Please note, I am a Hindu. I carry our traditions of yore. I have learnt the vedas which you may not know about. And from my perspective you are an extreme right-wing demagogue.

    • Satish says:

      You are free to to express your dissent. But learned sir, everybody else also does.
      It is not a sad day for India but really a great day because all voices have platform and all voices can be heard. There is no reason why somebody who has a viewpoint different from you should not be allowed to publish. It just shows how insecure you are.
      And finally ” I am a Hindu” these words tell me more than obvious. It is only in Hinduism where each person can interpret Vedas or even manusmriti differently and everybody claims their interpretation is right.. Had Hinduism had a single prophecy.. None of the politicians who work on caste and religious politics existed..

    • Manish Kumar says:

      i am not a good writer at all so better i m writing a sentece n that is
      ” your are move is okay in india expect
      that is going against it”
      Plz mind it !!

    • Afthar says:

      @ksesh42 – Just tracked u…You are from Indian Express, a paid media

    • KPK says:

      Learned the Vedas…!!?? Even people studying it for ages have not able to fully understand it…. You are great!!

    • birkramjit says:

      Full of negative thought’s and the statements is seemed to be biased one sided only. Seemed like a mere comments lack of proper research. A kind of propaganda. Religion does not divide people, contradictory idealism and believes divide people.

  16. Satish says:

    I agree with you . Had any JNU like incidence happened in communist China, all involved would either behind bars permanently or their names totally disappeared without any media attention or public knowledge…And sadly Kanhaiya propagates this kind of leftist”AZAADI” .


  18. chandrakanta says:

    Great article.an eyeopener.kanhaiya gets his campus placement.

  19. Prakash says:

    Hi Sir,
    Do you know the difference between being leftist and anti- rightist?
    Do you know the difference between political democracy and social democracy?
    Do you what does it mean when you say Lal salam with neela salam?.
    Clear your facts on these issue.

  20. Aiman says:

    Your article is wrong at so many levels that just to point you in the right direction, I will need to write an article longer than yours.
    In short, 1) Regardless of what Manusmriti says, if you think that people can change their caste, then you are living on Mars probably. 2) You accuse Kanhaiya of only mentioning the problems and not their solutions, but from your article it seems you don’t even know what are the problems. You just praise Modi as if you are brainwashed 3) Kanhaiya represents emotions of many Indians not just the thousands of JNU students. In fact any reasonable person would associate with him more than our current moron crop of politicians.

    Well, I could continue, but I realize that your article is so rank bad that I am tempted to ask ‘Are you from the cyber cell?’

  21. V.Ramesh says:

    Dear Vivek,

    You have analysed it perfectly. To seek azaadi without a remplate on how to acheive it is plain rhetoric practised by communists. Capitalism has given Google and Apple. Yesterday China talks of inviting foreign capital in transport, infrastructure etc, Never has communism succeeded and the last bastion of communism is ready to fall. Last week I saw the total debt of chinese corporates is 346% of GDP.

  22. Shankar says:

    A very apt and rational analysis of this so called youth icon.

  23. Rajinder Sharma says:

    The leftist ideology in its quintessential form propagated an egalitarian society, and social transformation for equality, liberty and fraternity. But, communists changed the very concept of leftism. They professed to bring about this transformation and promised a casteless, classless society with equal access to national resources without discrimination. The history of the world is replete with tales of poverty, hunger, destitution and injustice. The worst example of social disorder are found in pre World War era in Western world. India never experienced such abject poverty before the colonial period, and therefore we do not find such theories propagating violence coming up in India. So, out of human desire for bridging this social gap, this disparity and in revolt of a social order, Communism was born. The communists promised Moon to a society reeling under extreme poverty and destitution. And thus was created a miasma of prosperity, a society where hunger did not exist, disparity removed and a sovereign which was not an anointed king, but the whole society itself. The people gave in, were fooled to say the truth, and communist governments came up in quite a few of states, USSR and China being the most prominent.
    But, after usurping power from the despots, these governments became more ruthless, more arrogant and more oppressive than the ones they promised to supplant. In Russia dissent was punished with execution or exile to the Gulag, how many lost their lives, how many perished in Siberia has never been known. Similarly in China, a reign of terror and oppression was let loose. In recent times 3000 students were mercilessly massacred in Tinamen Square for raising pro democracy slogans. And the most unfortunate part of Indian communists is that so far none of the proponents of free speech and democratic rights has even dared to issue one statement condemning these atrocities on helpless, innocent citizens. Again, how many innocents have lost their lives in Communist rule in West Bengal is also always debatable.
    This communist ideology is an ideology that is proficient in fooling gullible masses, instigating people to raise arms against the state and then installing themselves as the absolute totalitarian despots, who then gradually, fiercely, mercilessly, ruthlessly and cunningly decimate opposition and dissent. That is what their LAL SALAM epitomizes, kill, spill innocents’ blood, usurp power, and then enjoy the fruits of their violent labour. These commies have no qualms about occupying palatial mansions once they are in power. Look in Delhi, how many commies occupy lutyen bungalows, while people they sanctimoniously represent, die of hunger, shelter or extreme weather.
    So, Mr. Vivek I, like you, deeply detest this violent ideology, this virulent doctrine, their nefarious agenda, and I wish, people like you come forward and in national interest expose the nefarious designs and hypocrisy of this left brigade to the people.

  24. arishsahani says:

    Many years rule of congress and Billion hindu laid back policy of no action is paying dividends to our enemy. Shame a billion hindus have no nation to fall back. No constitution to support their life . Its time antinational activities should be punished

  25. arishsahani says:

    These left minded leaders are not welcome in the left countries even.

  26. chittajitm says:

    It is interesting how the article took a turn from Kanhaiya Kumar towards communism because we all know the fame he has got today is because of the reckless handling of this particular case by the Central government & Delhi Police where they left no stone unturned just to defame JNU. From Hafiz Saeed to dancing naked, from 3000 condoms *btw I do appreciate the MLA’s hardwork to count used condoms thrown in dustbins* to booze, each & every kind of bile was vomited against Kanhaiya & JNU. But then when it came to PROVE if he really did say anything in court the police couldn’t even come up with a single shred of evidence & THAT’S why he got to be a hero.
    We all know how to get rid of caste system don’t we? We need to remove all discriminatory rules & regulations which are practiced in the name of culture. It’s also notable how you brazenly wrote how Prime Minister Narendra Modi represents HINDU ASPIRATIONS?! I thought he stands for ‘Sabka saath sabka vikaas’ ?
    We all need to condemn those slogans which were voiced *still waiting for them to be arrested* but that doesn’t mean we will start a wotch hunt against anyone & everyone & arrest them saying we have proof against them & then make a fool out of themselves in courts.

  27. Excellent explanation, especially “In any society there are always some people who are perpetually dissatisfied with everything. To an extent that even if you give them Azadi, they will find problems in that also.”
    As an opposition BJP didnt do this, communist/congress is trying to do this to score browny points.

  28. Ganesh. R says:

    All I could say to the grown up kids who sit in their cocoon forever in university campuses is, ‘Step out to real world guys, spread your own wings, it’s time to face the world yourself and THEN talk. Books are books, gives you knowledge not wisdom. Don’t try to run before learning to walk. There are seasoned wolves lurching around who use you without you realizing.’

    Kanhaiya has a pre and post prison ideological change, like the familiar ‘inner voice’ that made Manmohan the PM. Afzal to Vemula and Aazadi ‘from’ to Aazadi ‘in’ India. His U turn skills has earnt him his license to drive on the chaotic roads of Indian politics, approved by media that pretty much works the way our RTOs do to issue licenses.

  29. SUPREET HEGDE says:

    great article Agnihotri. This guy is propped by this hapless media which failed with HARDIK EXPERIMENT, RG, AK. THESE ARE POWER BROKERS.

  30. very well written. its important for people to know about these people and the games they play because of hidden interests that they harbour.

  31. Mihir says:

    So just addressing the existing problems in our country makes him a communist? Great logical leap from your side. Plus, when you say things like “The strategy is simple: take an unattainable, high moral ground, raise the concerns over all evils of the society but never present a plan to eradicate these evils.” , you again make the assumption that it is imperative for him to provide a solution to all the problems he is talking about. As a citizen, I have the right to talk about the problems in my country and critique the government for not acting on them. By your logic, anyone who has a problem with the government should also come with a solution to tackle them. But sir, there is a reason I have elected the government, the reason being that I don’t have to worry about telling the government how to do their job . Kanhaiya in his speech is only raising these concerns and the reason you are angry with this is that he has good PR to support him. And yes, he is a youth icon because despite facing a severe and violent backlash from BJP hardliners (like ABVP), he still has the courage and tenacity to speak up about these issues.
    So firstly, most of your arguments stand moot because the basic assumption is questionable: that his speech implies that he is a communist. Secondly, stop trying to fool people using rhetoric like “By calling him an youth icon, you are insulting millions of Indian youth/students who at this very moment are studying hard and getting prepared to create wealth and repay their motherland by getting her Azadi from poverty and ‘traders of poverty’.” You have no logical and statistical backing to claim that most people don’t agree with what Kanhaiya thinks.

  32. T.R.Raghuraman says:

    The communists in India talk about freedom of speech. In China there is not even an opposition party- the mainland communist party is killing the dissenting voices in Hongkong. The communist party and Pakistan have targetted the universities to launch their agenda. It is unfortunate that our political parties have not understood the game. People like Kanhaiya could not find a job outside the university at the age of 29 and they have chosen to mislead the students from inside the university

  33. Gupta says:

    Excellent article Vivek Agnihotri. The end piece nails it absoloutely on “Love JNU” Brigade media

  34. t k misra says:

    hello, all .please tell me if these students who are taking state fellowship and learning about african studies at 28 years ageplease are to be funded by my country’taxes. these people could not decide what to study and what to do start this nonsense of debate .this university has no career orientation.otherwise on fellowship you donot want to help your parents who are surviving on 3000/month. they should be taught to earn their living by plying e rikshaw and not drinking 3000bottles of beer a day and hundreds of condoms.it just does not make sense STUDENT OF 25 + years of age

  35. t k misra says:

    you cannot be student beyond 25 years of age

  36. Saugat says:

    Have you confused communism with standing for the have nots. When native or so called adivasi s stand and say they are happy not be urbanized or schooled in oppressive consumerism society you are mistaking them for communist just because they have red flag similar to China. Urbanized educated have this entitlement of thinking everyone should be like they are or they deserved to be taught a lesson in modern education. I donot agree with communism and kaniya either but I am very proud to share the country with him. This entire article seems to be written by an urban Puritan who thinks we should debate semantics whether to call it caste system or Varna system would either change the a bangi s status in the society. I think people are still trying to figure out how come a poor guy becomes a scholar in political science and is speaking spontaneously. BJP cyber cell working overtime to counter spontaneous thoughts when Smriti Irani s PR contractor Shilpi Tewari has been running absconding after doctoring the video since 9th October. The poor people have become gun trotting so called terrorist after losing everything to corporations and cultural genocide commuted by mainstream people similar to British manifest destiny and killing of native people not communism as the author suggest.

  37. Nand says:

    Very well said. Kanhaiya is at most nothing more than a madari

  38. Shylaja says:

    Kannaiyya has already said that what is right to him need not be right to others. And what is right to others need not be right to him. First understand that. Bible, Koran, Bhagvath Geeta, Guru Grandh are all sacred books for us. But now fake videos are finding space in people’s heart without reality. Only if you happened to be Kannaiyya being abused and beaten by fanatics in the name of patriotism you will realize how awful it is. He didn’t organize any event that was anti- national or he never raised any slogan that was anti- national. An event of debating Afzal Guru was organized by student community in JNU for which he had nothing to do with. If he was blamed just because he was the President of the student community then who is to be blamed when BJP men are offering Price money of Rupees 5 lakhs for his tongue and 10 lakhs for his head . Should we take these offers as nonsense of the BJPism ?

    Not lesser than the Commissioner of Police Delhi, said he had enough evidence to prove Kannaiyya under the law of sedition. Unfortunately, even after turning every stone for twenty three days the Delhi Police working under the BJP government miserably failed and shamed itself as it could not present a single evidence against this boy. He is the son of a paralytic attacked father and an Anganwadi worker who is his mother . Poverty is shadowing him obviously. Rohith Vemula’s suicide has grieved him so much that he talks about discrimination. Is it wrong for this guy to raise his voice against poverty and discrimination? If you think it is Communism so be it, I am not a Communist and for me it is humanitarianism . We don’t need our national flags to fly over 200 feet and metres long, because we hold our national flags in our hearts. I don’t believe in poverty getting eradicated by 15 lakh rupees getting credited overnight into every Indian’s bank account, more I believe in this boy’s cry.

    Anti national slogan is strongly condemnable and unacceptable. The Delhi police and the Central government needs to go behind masked guys who raised this anti national slogans and not put someone behind bars giving credit to fake videos. There are thousands and thousands of people daily shouting anti- national slogans in Kashmir where there is no Communism. What is the non- Communist headed BJP and PDP doing there in alliance ? Do they have the guts to put these people behind bars booking them under law of sedition or does BJP answer it’s conscience in allying with PDP who has always been symapthetic to Afzal Guru. Having said this political parties should never be roped in for convenience to take shelter in expressing our views . In the interest of the country and in love of our mother land we should accept any Indian who talks for his countrymen..

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    Lal Salaam literature

  40. K.S.Mallaya says:

    I have been closely following the happenings at JNU since 9/2/2016. Sometimes i get doubt whether it is a centre of learning because the nature of activities taking place there have nothing to do with academics . JNU , an institution founded with best of ideals and goals today seems to have become another venue for political rallies which were once confined to Jantar Mantar and Rmlila Grounds

  41. Rajesh says:

    Excellent article, please don’t stop. We need people to like you. don’t heed to words who give negative comment.

  42. An you may be a extreme left-wing dengue. Dont teach vedas or commusim, what your comrades has done in WB and Kerala , every normal food eating humans know. Just ask through RTI how many non-communists are killed in those states who has shown guts to stand against them, then come and speak, my dear and please notE if you are a hindu , I am muslim, OK?

  43. Communism is a failed theory. It may incite people who are frustrated. But everyone realizes in the long run but it will be too late to come out. It is like an organised mafia either you are with them or dead. They blame capitalists for every evil in the society. Then who will produce goods and services. These people give lectures but capital formation is required. Some cadre people may get subsistence but there is no freedom.Any free opinion is purged mercilessly. we have seen in Russia, China, Cuba North Korea and countless places. abject poverty. No industrial country as Marx predicted became communist . It was exactly the other way around. The article is eye opener. Communists in JNU may provide fodder to pseudo intellectuals but not produced goods and services. God bless this country.

  44. NawazWedsModi says:

    bhaag chutiye vivek chutni-hotri. kaam dhanda dhundh aur koi dhang ki picture banaa pahle. RS seat ke liye apna khaandan bhi bechega chutiya

  45. Well articulated. Let’s hope we learn and don’t ruin the country based on petty politics!

  46. Don says:

    Sorry dude …. Ur conclusions are defeatist at the very best

  47. Viswanathan says:

    Students are only students until they come out of school or college or university. Inside learning institutions politics will block their future once they come out as Politicians outside are more wise and political unless you become a slave to them.
    If you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth it is s different story that too some times.
    Suppose you are able to capture power because of your luck factor
    think of a situation as to what you
    will you do with them. Surely try to
    put an end to’bakvas’ .Is it not ?
    The same thing you will experience
    by thinking that you are revolutionary and others including
    ruling ones are jokers & they have no brain & you are only blessed with that. They get brains due to their experience and time factor apart from favourable Surroundings.

  48. sumitverma says:

    Reblogged this on sumitvermaa and commented:
    This is one of the beautifully written crisp piece which will make you how the opportunist like Kanhaiya brain wash a common man.

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