Intellectual Mafia?

I was a young child when Indira Gandhi declared Emergency. My father was Vice Chancellor of one of India’s most troubled university, Jabalpur university. Sharad Yadav was the student leader. He was an extremely popular and violent leader. Jabalpur university had seen some celebrated Ex CJs and Ex Chief Secretaries as their VC. But Jaipraksah Narain’s student movement led by Yadav had made it impossible for any VC to last for more than 6-9 months. My father was a professor and an intellectual in his own rights with Radhakrishnan and Indira Gandhi seeking his advise on crucial academic matters. He was a man of men. He was a students’ professor. Saharad Yadav became his most trusted and obedient pupil. In that period of political turbulence he finished his term very peacefully and successfully. On a winter afternoon, I was playing cricket with our Maali (gardener) and my father was giving an interview where I overheard something that stayed with me. The journalist asked him the secret of this success and he replied ‘I don’t waste my time with intellectuals‘.

Couple of days ago, I was invited by NDTV for a political debate, hosted by Barkha Dutt. While making my point a term just slipped out of my mouth which went viral. I received many messages, tweets and emails. These were neither from friends nor relatives. These emotional compliments were from the unheard, invisible people.

That term was ‘Intellectual Mafia‘.*

Nehru was a Fabian sociologist and anti-business, romantic thinker.  Nehru was fascinated by English speaking, good looking, western-mannered, Fabian intelligentsia. He was also a Brahmin. It was his own ‘class & intellectual arrogance’ that he single-handedly destroyed indigenous intelligentsia. Like Rajendra Prasad, Radhakrishnan, Rajagopalachari, Kamraj, Patel etc. Nehru was Indian Jinnah. Jinnah was accidental Muslim. Nehru was accidental Hindu.* He despised typically Indian sensibilities. Indian thinking. Indian way of looking at the world. And Indian leadership. He was a pathetic economist. He could never understand ‘capitalism’. He could not understand technology. He could not understand the real aspirations of Indians. He could not understand Gandhi’s economics. To cover up his failure Nehru took a high moral ground. He was convinced that only he could decide what was best for the Indian masses. He chose socialism over capitalism. He chose spiritual elitism over religion. Since the masses were immersed in religion he slowly turned anti-masses. That Red Rose in his upper pocket was a reminder to people that he was God-like. Gods never lose. But he had lost a part of India to Pakistan. He had goofed up on Kashmir. His self-esteem was broken. He had to heal. He had to rise. So he self-appointed himself as Chief Intellectual Officer.

Nehru believed in political liberty but he was against economic freedom. Gandhi, on the other hand knew that political liberty could be achieved only with a strong backbone of economic liberty. Which is why, he had social reformers and political thinkers  on one side and Birlas and Bajajs on the other. Socialism is a utopia. Panchsheel was a utopia. Utopia which never came. USSR was a utopia which crumbled. Luckily Nehru did not live to see Socialism – baby of his intellectual flirting – die.

To cover up his illicit romances, rising corruption, undercurrent of a revolt and massive defeat and humiliation by Chinese, he nurtured an ‘intelligentsia’ which justified his impractical economics and failed politics to the masses.  The coterie of intellectuals he created was immoral. Historians know that whenever King has surrounded himself with immoral thinkers, debauchery has begun.  These short-sighted and opportunistic intellectuals justified ‘socialism’. Socialism has corruption in its very DNA. Nehru chose Big State over Big Market. More state sponsored programmes mean inefficient system, red-tapism, favouritism, weaker economy and corruption. It meant bigger disparity between masses and policy makers. More subsidies, doles, freebies meant more arrogance of rulers for they were the ones distributing alms. They became the givers. And us, the obliged masses, the takers. Isn’t it a sad commentary on free India’s development that the collective ambition of this country’s youth has been to become an engineer or a doctor? There was no competition. No excellence. No innovation.

Thus, India became State vs Masses. Corrupt vs Masses. Intellectuals vs Masses. Givers vs Takers.

Since Givers were guilty of their corruption they always looked at the Takers with suspicion. This suspicion turned into fear when Indira Gandhi was thrown out by Indian David – Raj Narain, a maverick socialist leader who should have been on her side. But he was masses.  Emergency was declared. Sanjay Gandhi took over. He created an army of morally corrupt, foreign educated intellectuals with no track record. Their biggest strength was their unconditional loyalty to Gandhi family. This tradition has continued. Loyalty over merit. Scheming over competence. Loot over contribution. Corruption grew. Guilt grew. Fear grew. With every scam, family started making the intellectual wall bigger and bigger. Today this wall is full of scamsters, crooks, agents, brokers, pimps, lobbyists, character assassins, land sharks etc disguised as lawyers, journalists, NGOs, feminists, advisors, professors, socialists etc. Simply put, beneficiaries of Congress’s largesse.

Their strategy was simple. Moral domination. Nehru was a thinker. But Rajiv, Sonia and Rahul are no intellectuals themselves. They took a different route.  They redefined morality. Secularism included. Anti-congress was new immoral. Pro Hindu became anti-Muslim. India was morally polarized. Morality is subjective. No one can say with guarantee what is pure morality. Masses were forced to choose between moral standards (Secularism, unity in diversity, Inclusive etc.) and quality of life (development). People who wanted quality of life were made to feel guilty. Hindus who wanted to celebrate their religious freedom were made to feel guilty. Muslims who wanted to be part of mainstream India were made to feel guilty. They filled India’s psyche with fear and hate. They hated all indigenous, grass-root thinkers. They hated Sardar Patel, Lalbahadur Shashtri, Morarji Desai, Charan Singh, Chandrashekhar, PV Narsimha Rao, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and now Modi. They are the hijackers of national morality. Secularism included. They are the robbers of Indian treasury. They are the brokers of power. They are the pimps of secularism. They are the Intellectual Mafia.


They are the land grabbers of Sainik farms and Adarsh Societies of India. They run NGOs. They run media. They coin useless and irrelevant jargon to confuse masses. They have designations but no real jobs. They are irrelevant NRIs who want us to see reality which doesn’t exist. They want plebiscite in Kashmir. They want Maoists to participate in mainstream politics. They want Tejpal to be freed. They want Modi to be hanged.

But something has changed despite their unity, might and moral acumen.

Left liberals,  as they call themselves, have realised that defeat is certain and with this defeat they will lose that ‘elite thinkers’ tag. And the plum posts, foreign trips and bungalows and other perks. There is a reverse revolution taking place. It’s the innocent masses, who have suffered intellectual injustice, they are raising their voices. It’s the organically secular majority of Bharat, which has been made to feel like communal evils, that is asserting its identity.  Modi is just their face. So do not make the mistake of thinking that its Modi vs others.

Its masses vs elites.

Couple of years back when my father’s death was certain, at the age of 95, he told me about his freedom struggle days. “When as a young man I joined  Bapu, I thought we were fighting British. Its only later I realised we were actually fighting the intellectuals, patronised by the British. And most of them were lawyers. They never solved any problem. Their sole objective was to keep the masses away from the rulers and vice versa. We don’t have forts anymore but they are the walls of an invisible fort. If you want to defeat the rulers you have to demolish this wall of state sponsored ‘intelligentsia’. That’s exactly what Gandhi did. He led the masses to break this wall.”

Something like that is happening again. The wall is cracking up. On May 16th its fall is certain. For the second time in India’s history masses are going to enter the fort. Its not Modi. Its us. The masses. I hope there won’t be new walls. And I hope there won’t be another mafia. Never. Ever.

* Thanks to @rahulroushan for helping me rephrase ‘intellectual terrorists’ to ‘intellectual mafia’. Because that’s what it is. 

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71 Responses to Intellectual Mafia?

  1. Amit Daga says:

    There is a kind of something one can easily connect with this, and I am really connecting this wholeheartedly. You put the words and connect the dots in such a ‘intelligent’ manner which many not attempted yet.

  2. Dev K Gupta says:

    There is a book by Mark Tully called No Full Stops In India. He says the same thing that you so wonderfully have mentioned in your article. The British built these pro-western intellectuals to mock at everything Indian and make us feel inferior. Nehru was a product of the same thought process, and the illegitimate, so called intellectual children of Nehru and other misguided folks from the British era have religiously tried to emulate their forefathers. The film industry is a breeding ground for such folks. Being an aspiring film-maker myself, it gives me tremendous relief that people like you exist in the industry as well. Kudos to you.

  3. Have to say … you have written a master piece. Political History students should actually read this. Its a different matter that the same wall will block this kind of content in reaching to schools/colleges.

    Keep writing Mr. Vivek, wish more power to you and more audience too.

  4. Sandeep says:

    A down to earth article. It like my own views similar to all Indian-where religion does not matter. Heads off to you, Sir.

  5. Sandeep says:

    I have no words do describe. How elegantly simplistically Vivek described these so called left liberals.
    We need a lot like you to counter these intellectual terrorists.
    Kudos Vivek. Respect

  6. Sujit Mandal says:

    One of the best article i have read recently.I have this opinion 10 years back,you have written it and express it in a great as if myself expressing it.Simply excellent!!!

  7. Sujit Mandal says:

    I become a fan of u!!!

  8. Vinod Tuli says:

    Well explained Vivek Agnihotri the tyrannical Emergency 1975 and the 1977 Change. !980 Come back was yet another drama to continue the Indian scene which had dwarfed the Democracy, No wonder in the last decade Ratan Tata had to pass a REMARK ” BANANA REPUBLIC”? I agree with Dev K Gupta for his hopeful wishes for the future?

  9. Subramanya says:

    Brilliant article Vivek ! I loved the way you narrated it. 67 years of failed socialist polices of Nehru has dragged us to this situation where people are struggling to get basic needs for their lives. Very ,very sad state of affairs indeed.

    Hope, from 16th of may india will truly get freedom from ” these intellectual mafia” and achieve its original glory again!
    Jai Hind

  10. Shama Zaidi says:

    What about promoting our languages along with our “culture”? Why is the cult of “English is the only way to progress” being allowed to spread its poisonous tentacles? The Chinese get along fine without obsessing about English. We must respect our own languages, and only thencan we prosper. if Narendra Modi becomes the PM, he must not make speeches in English. He can always use a good interpreter!

    • Baawraman says:

      Well said, the larger question is that why our own languages are finding it hard to survive,.

      • Akaula Kaula says:

        Because the current dispensation confuses English literacy with Education. And we all support it, even after knowing that we are heading towards a disaster. India has had Intellectual language of the nation. That has been swept said ego wither, thereby cutting off the masses from their narrative. So we have adopted the narrative given to us in English. It is the west which has assumed the leadership and Scholarship on those languages. We have been set aside.

    • John says:

      We have 20 official languages and 2000 non official languages. So which is our language? If you go to Indian States were they have made their language official for Government and Court usage, you need to hire and trust a lawyer for every small work. English is a common global language and no more the the language of England. There are more English speaking people in US and even in India. As for China, they have realized they need English for the future world driven by knowledge.

      In 30-40 years India will overtake China empowered by the Knowledge Economy riding on English language. Let us not be carried away too much Indianness and hatred of everything non Indian.

  11. really a beautiful piece of eye opener ,, if only the masses would understand and react to it in an intellectual way

  12. Gautam Krishnan . says:

    I was4 when the emergency was declared -was interested in the social conditions at the time-one point though we must have gratitude for Nehru for leading India and learn not to repeat the mistakes / fallacies-not to become as someone close to the Gandhi family said”A banana republic” but who created this-the Gandhis or our own sycophant nature which Mahatma Gandhi tried to change

  13. Doddi Buddi says:

    Simply wonderful! This made my day! It hurts one’s soul to note what an “intellectual monster of sinister variety” Nehru was!

  14. SSM says:

    Ironic that one of our “founders” was actually anti-Indian! Gandhi family and the cult they have built around themselves is the root of all evil in India. I firmly believe Hindu-Muslim relations and inter-caste relations would have been much better by now if we had true nationalists leading the country for past 60 years. Great article and look forward to reading more

    • Akaula Kaula says:

      I would not call them anti-Indian, even though that is what it looks like today. They were curt off and alien to the mother land. They were mentally colonized, and product of their times and education. As today’s majority is. If you read about Subhash Bose, I say he was lucky that he did not become the PM of this nation. Today he would have been even more hated. He, like Nehru etc, was Marxists to the core, and would have set aside India’s native languages in favor of Mughal ethos.

  15. Dr.Rajiv Tewari says:

    One of the best article I have read in recent past!! Apt, prrcise and focussed!! Hitting bull’s eye.. Thanks Mr.Vivek for this piece!!

  16. Sri Aurobindo wrote extensively in the ARYA which was started on August 15, 1914 giving an alternative vision of India.

  17. Wonderful! The pretence and the utter ineptitude of these left-lib ‘intellectuals’, these social parasites and these self-serving fakes has been put to words so nicely! They are the real mafia! Absolutely self-conceited and absolutely intolerant! And yes, they have never solved any real purpose. They have only messed up more and made things worse. Hope the new order, symbolized by Modi will put paid to all this and a new era of intellectual honesty, enterprise and prosperity will dawn.

  18. Balen Das says:

    QED. Hope this splendidly expressed view gets conveyed to maximum Indians. My literary acumen is limited and may call for a bit of polishing. But still I would like to say something, for which I would request to be pardoned, that these promoters of Intellectuals Mafia can also said to be doubling as Intellectual Prostitutes.

  19. Debabrata Pattrea says:

    Wonderful article . Have always thought similarly but could never articulate so well.

  20. After reading the article I felt you have just put my feelings into words. In the last 6-7 years whenever I watched TV debates, I felt some planned ‘Blockage’ of ideas taking place. I got opportunity to work with few NGOs during the same period, at first I felt Iam blessed to work with as they make tall claims of ‘purjing’ superstitions in Indian society and make us modern. But they resorted to same coerce-convert-spread lies blatantly. I felt in the realm of God, I shall not indulge in the same incredulous work of theirs.

    As you wrote, I felt there is sync in some NGOs-TVMedia-Journos and “Intellectuals” that they always further anti India agenda. Most of them are benefited from Govt. in one or other ways. Infact I shall say they are the best beneficiaries of “Tofee Model” of Congress. These peoples’ death (not physical) is essential for all Indian masses to progress.

    I just hope and pray, more gullible Indians doesn’t fall for these intellectual terrorism and hate fellow Indians to come to power.

  21. Brilliant expose of pseudo-intellectuals and why India is flocking to Narendra Modi’s rallies. They hope he would be the deliverer from the yoke of these pseudo-intellectuals and pseudo-secularists.

  22. Gaurav T. says:

    Thanks for defining the term and writing this down. As you say “The wall is cracking”, I hope people realize that the real work will start now.

  23. aamjunta says:

    Nice article. Agree that Intellectual mafia is killing our democracy. Do we have any option ?… as hardly any one in Indian democracy takes the responsibility. Every day we are dividing ourselves in the line of caste, religion, language, culture, gender and many more… then where is the Indianness ? If these divisions are called Indainness, then I am sorry.

    But still I do not lose my hope… with all the divisions and divisible forces, I still hope to see some light on 16th May…

    Jai Hind

    • Akaula Kaula says:

      We have, if we all push to change the language of discourse and emphasis the India’s internal genius, its own narrative, its own Sociological, Political, Legal and Educational, and other liberal arts values. You have to make Indian think in Indian categories, that will create an alternate narrative an alternate world view, an alternate world order. Until then we will keep looking for approval from those, who we copy.

  24. gari52 says:

    Bingo! Hit the nail on the head.

  25. Raja Narula says:

    This comes across as a highly one sided, opinionated piece. Some of the opinions at least should have been substantiated with more solid facts. What were the alternatives to nehru’s decisions / actions that would have put india in a better place today? …. Any points of view on that? We may not have become a Singapore but thank god we have not become a Pakistan, Bangladesh or an Egypt either. His socialist principles may seem outdated today – but were most apt for a new born country ….prevented us from degenerating into materialistic, morally defunct or a strife ridden nation. Agree with the opinion on the other gandhis though.

    • Akaula Kaula says:

      Of course there are. Evn gandhi Ji in his Vaangmaya (a 20 volume series published by Govt. of India) provides at least one alternative. But that was shelved by the Nehrus. In some sense, by thrusting Nehru on India, Gandhi undid his own plan.

    • vijay says:

      agreed, there might not be options or say this is better option. However within few years to be analysed and got it corrected. Instead of accepting failure it has been blamed on opposition and then leads to ” Indira is India” .

  26. mm1945 says:

    A real assessment of the reason for our downfall , it will be a tough ride but Modi can do wonders if the middle class support him through the pain of change that is inevitable

  27. Manish Subba says:

    Kudos from Himalaya, Nepal…nicely written….keep flying…

  28. Indo Spector says:

    Here is why Modi is the going to be the Steve Jobs of India — the doer:

    The pseudo-intellectuals will be relegated, never mind them.

  29. Pranav Misra (IRON-MAN) says:

    I am just boy turned eighteen and have observed people being swayed by the opinion of “patronized intellectuals” (Religious books, Padmashris, Nobel laureates etc.)
    Lately, i have come to realize how difficult it is to “market truth” which is plain, in-ornamented and unpatronized, with sheer logic and ethics to conform its gravity.
    This article strengthens my new formed belief in my inner chanting – Satyamev Jayate – hope all fellow Indians also take to this line of thought and make actions(progress, both economic and scientific) speak better than words.

  30. SanJam says:

    I would like to see the same Vivek Agnihotri write about the mafia that Modi is constructing with his Ambani, Adani, Yeddyurappa, Sriramullu mix. The sad part is that not only Vivek has paucity of grey cells but also lacks eyesight to grasp that heady mix of criminals and crony capitalists that form the Modi bandwagon. Its okay to support Modi, but blind followers like to stoop to name-calling all others who disagree. Its a cheap goon mentality Mr Vivek. I didn’t know that you don’t have to join RSS or BJP to learn how to be obnoxious. It’s the way of BJP to lower the level of discourse and unleash an army of media and publicity bots with ill-gotten black money. That’s the way to kill democracy. I’m just amazed that a lowly film maker and third-grade artist like you can sermonize on “intellectualism”! hahaaa, its just like Modi calling himself aam aadmi after travelling in chartered planes, surrounded by Z plus security and spending Rs 5000 crore on campaign, where thousands die each day, due to hunger and disease. Irony dies a slow death when people like Modi claim to be common and jokers like Vivek Agnihotri, harp and dance to these claims….

    • JKN says:

      @SanJam: Please provide your definitions ‘lowly’, ‘third-grade’ and ‘intellectualism. ‘ BTW: You sound very much pained. Has the article touched a sensitive area ? Are you part of the Congress largesse?

  31. Om Arya says:

    Each and every word in this article makes sense, and makes us force to think of supporting the Force of Development, rather than dynasty who has destroyed the basic fibre of our Golden Age history. My heart felt thanks to the writer, and also to his father who gave a great lasting message to his son.

  32. Sumit Sharma says:

    This article reflects undercurrent mood of masses. One connects wiith it spontaneously.

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  34. Ashish says:

    What a passionately expressed point of view!

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  36. S. Anand says:

    This was the only thing left for Modi to become the complete fascist: anti-intellectualism. And now it has been realized.

  37. scn19 says:

    Quite like the Intellectual Mafia concept. But the article is clearly very biased and dismissive. I did like your analysis of Nehru era. There is a time and a place for both Capitalism and Socialism. Without presenting how capitalism would have been good for India right after independence, dismissing socialism is like painting an incomplete picture. Just so that you don’t think i’m playing devils advocate here I’m not a congress supporter and am a true capitalist at heart.

    The second half of the article where you start dismissing everything that may not support Modi completely puts one off. I’ll address some of your comments one by one –

    “They are irrelevant NRIs who want us to see reality which doesn’t exist. They want plebiscite in Kashmir. They want Maoists to participate in mainstream politics ”

    >> Your comment on NRI’s clearly demonstrates your lack of understanding of how the Indian economy has grown (and at times survived) during the last decade. Take a guess on how much NRI investment has gone into your favorite Modi’s gujrat and India overall. Who does RBI go to when the Indian rupee is in a free fall? Now take a guess on how much of this investment is EVER repatriated by NRI’s. You have used rhetoric to favor capitalism without even understanding how capitalism works.

    >> You also dismiss an important issue but fail to mention why Kashmir should not have a referendum – On one hand you support the voice of the masses and on another you don’t want the masses of Kashmir to have any say in where they belong. As a capitalist that you proclaim to be, is it a better business decision for India to let go Kashmir or keep spending resources in it and not get much in return? USSR was a forced nation and we know what happened there.
    You’ve also demonstrated a complete lack of understanding of some of the neglected sections of the population. It’s expected from those who have sat on the highest seat of the Indian ‘varn vaad’ so no point discussing that.

    >> You have failed to mention why Modi is the face of the masses and not someone else. You are clearly a Modi supporter and have demonstrated your jingoism in this biased piece. I wonder if the first half of your article was just a setup to arrive at this eventual conclusion that Modi is our face of the masses and their savior from the Intellectual Mafia.

    >> I wish that your idea of organically secular India comes to fruition. However, i fail to understand how a party whose entire existence is based on demolishing a mosque and promise to build a hindu temple in it’s place help achieve that. I’m sure you’re aware of the history of BJP’s pre-Ram mandir and post-Ram mandir electoral numbers. On Bangladeshi illegal immigrants, Rajnath Singh recently said “Those who are hindus will be called ‘sharanarthi’ and those who don’t will be called ‘ghuspaithiya’.

    You are only kidding yourself if you think BJP will help build an organically secular India.

  38. sanjay says:

    Looks a little superficial Vivek, as you seem to have glossed over some facts conveniently. Modi was until yesterday a CM of an average sized state, with nothing great to claim. The so called Gujarat model is far behind some of his own party peers like Panikar. He comes from a state which has thrived on FDI, NRI money, and most importantly, trading money. The party has always been a trading oriented party, with not much focus on manufacturing/services. While Hyderabad, Bangalore prospered on services, Gujarat is at all not on the IT map of India. Why? For someone with a strong economic vision, is it not surprising that he missed out on this.

    His support (and constituency) is more or less driven by trading mentality, on the positive side, and hatred on the negative side.

    Probably I would write a longer repartee but then I would be accused of intellectual terrorism…

    • JKN says:

      @sanjay: If not intellectual terrorism, there is elitism here. IT can give nothing to the masses. Corporate investment in manufacturing, agriculture, small scale industry, rural literacy, roads, electricity, water – are these anti-elitist or objective issues?

  39. The article gives voice to what I have been saying for decades. I can only say I couldn’t agree more.

  40. Vishal says:

    Great one Vivek !
    Its time India woke up from the ‘hogwash’ that has been fed to them by the Gandhi parivar from pre-independence days till date …. the Pseudo Intellectuals ( a.k.a. Intellectual Mafia ) whose philosophy and actions have led to a Corrupt & Dynastic political system ! All the folks who do not get this article are in some way benefactors of the Congress system hence cannot see otherwise ! Hope this piece is translated in all languages & goes across to the populace so that all understand what a bad trip India has been on and its time that these things are reversed !
    The thought for all ~
    asato ma sadgamaya; tamaso ma jyotirgamaya ; mrtyorma amrtam gamaya

    Lead me from Unreality to Reality.; Lead me from Darkness to Light.; Lead me from Fear of death to Immortality.

  41. I quite liked the article.
    Thanks for the nice historical perspective and analysis.

    To the folks who think this is “anti-intellectual” – it’s anti to the *hijacked* meaning of the term intellectual. It’s the false pretense of being the only capable intellectual thinkers by the so-called liberals who now have near monopoly on the think-tanks that influence the government and the media. Who are morally and intellectually dishonest.

    Vivek – one small nitpick in the clean and communicative language of this post. The interchanged use of “its” and “it’s” in multiple places. 🙂

  42. BKNautiyal says:

    All we’ll said and finally we’ll ending. But how not let this mess be recreated again and again.all Indians should be fearless at all times and places.and pray to god that such immoral ratcheds do nor gain power at any level of the civil society.

  43. Dagny says:

    My mother was a professor in Science College, Jabalpur. She is no more now, but I am sure she would have remembered your father. I remember well the turbulent times in the history of Jabalpur University. Not by direct perception, I was too young then, but by the discussions my mother had with her colleagues then and in later years.

    Reading your thoughts has been a pleasure. As you predicted, the walls have fallen. We have entered the fort with Modi. May India heal her bruised spirit under Modi’s premiership!

    It is time the word ‘Hindu’ stops being a badge of dishonor!

    • vivekagnihotri says:

      What was your mother’s name? which year did she retire. Do you still live in Jblpr?

      • Dagny says:

        My mother’s name was Mrs Renuka Gupta. She was in the English dept. She retired in 2000. Yes, I still live in Jabalpur. 🙂

  44. sunjaykumar says:

    Extremely self-righteous views… smell of arrogance. It is like if you are intellectual enough, others are not worth listening to.
    The views about Nehru are also biased. Anyone interested to know more must read “India after Gandhi” by Ramachandra Guha.

  45. rohiet says:

    I literally felt deeply enraged while reading the first few lines and lost interest to read furthur. You criticized Nehru stating that he despised Indian customs, way of thinking and living. As per your views he don’t understand technology, science. Few days i finished reading Nehru’s Discovery of India and this book gave me great insight about India’s legacy, its golden past and i felt proud of my heritage and strangely what you are saying here just opposite. All the technological advance, these IIT & IIMs we have today are the legacy of Nehru. I think you are intellectually ignorant rather than person you are talking about.

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  47. Vivek, someone sent me this article to read. My comments:

    You are only 80 per cent right. On 20 per cent of your understandings you are DEEPLY mistaken. Modi/BJP is 100 per cent ANTI-LIBERTY.

    To understand liberty, start by reading my book, Breaking Free of Nehru, freely available online.

  48. Kumar says:

    For all Nehru-bhakts, a must-read is how Nehru ended press freedom, doggedly pushing his agenda.

  49. Badar Butt says:


  50. Sandeep Sharma says:

    Well written with a persuasive line or argument. That said, generalisations can be misconstrued and not valid across all spheres that a person’s life touches. Its is far to easy to criticise especially a person like Pt. Nehru, the title, the rore, the good lucks, the story with Edwina … he provides so many opportunities. However, he was part of the freedom struggle and he sacrificed more than I have done. I am a child of free India and as such owe something to the likes of Nehru, Sardar Patel, Gandhiji, Bhagat Singh and countess others who created an opportunity for me. I don’t agree with the congress politics and divisionary approach. Mr VP Singh did the same with the Mandal Commission. Growing up in an army cantonment I saw no difference between a hindu, sikh, muslim or christian families. We all studied and played together. How have things changed so much in the last four decades? Is is only the Nehru-Gandhi parivar that is to blame? I would like to suggest that we all should shoulder some responsibility and do our bit, especially the ones reading such blogs as we clearly have been fortunate enough to have the opportunities of a good education. Mr Modi has created more energy amongst the people than I have seen in a very long time and he has a mandate. If we all contribute in our own ways to stop corruption and encourage harmony – only good can result.

    Vivek – thanks for the thought provoking article.

  51. Wing Commander Vasant Narayan Deshmukh ( Retd.) says:

    || Shri Swami Samartha ||
    1. Congratulations for writing a very good article. But, what is the use ? Have our people any interest in improving our country at all. Forget about Nehru and his idiosyncratic ways, its’ more than 50 years after his death but things are going from bad to worse as everyday passes. All criminals of all hues are going on as if it is their birth right to do wrong to anybody and everybody only because there is absolutely no fear of any law. If anybody is really interested he is welcome to write to me and I will provide the only effective solution on all of our maladies. my email i.d. is

  52. Pingback: Nehru in 2014. “Intellectual Mafia”. And Convenient Pronouncements. | "In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

  53. P.K. Agrawal says:

    can we have its Hindi verson

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