15 Communal Questions to ‘The Secular Bollywood’

Yesterday, certain Bollywood personalities led by my very dear friend and renowned scriptwriter Anjum Rajabali, issued an appeal to public at large.

In their appeal, simply put, they have warned us that India is in grave danger from divisive and communal forces led by a ‘man-they-won’t-name’ (read Modi). These A-lister personalities have reaffirmed their faith in secular nature of ‘their‘ India. They have appealed to all Indians to stop these communal forces by voting only secular parties. In order to  save India’s cultural diversity, its pluralism and above all ‘Sickularism’.

Because India is vulnerable.

Suddenly, it reminded me of Indira Gandhi’s era where she always cautioned us about looming dangers from CIA conspiracies. Then Rajiv Gandhi started warning us against foreign elements trying to destabilise India. Sonia Gandhi led UPA has brought us to this. Where Indians are pitted against Indians.

I am saddened and very angry. Armed forces and Bollywood are India’s two most secular institutions. Mr. Anjum Rajabali and his ilk, in their obsession with Modi-hate have betrayed the film industry. I am sorry your appeal has obfuscated us more than enlightening.

I have few questions and I am sure you would like to answer to help me help India.

1. I am going to vote for Modi. Am I secular? Or communal?

2. I have decided to vote for the only man who says repeatedly that India is his religion and her Constitution is his holy book. If I vote for ‘that-man’, how will I threaten the secular fibre of India? Pl. enlighten.

3. Millions of Indians (read Hindus) love Modi. They respect him. Adore him. And some also worship him. Like many worship Shahi Imam of Congress. By hating their leader, calling him a grave danger to India, aren’t you playing a communal card? Aren’t you questioning the judgement of millions? Aren’t you hurting the sentiments of millions? How is your appeal secular?

4. Secular, as I understand means that religion should not play any role in governance. If it’s true then why were you quiet for last 10 years when the ruling party was continuously giving alms to Muslims? Did you and your fellow signatories utter a word when PM MM Singh said that minorities have first right over natural resources?

5. You say India is vulnerable.Yes. I agree.  India is vulnerable to Maoists & Naxals.  (Coincidentally, I see a lot of your signatories have certified Maoist leanings), terrorism, poverty, unemployment corruption and  crumbling institutions. What’s your hidden logic that you find ‘secularism’ as the only threat to India? Pl. enlighten.

6. Do you want me to believe that India will collapse if ‘the-man-you-won’t-name’ Modi comes to power. You write – The need of the hour is to protect our country’s secular foundation. Some of you are learned men. Where does this ‘secular foundation’ come from? India was always a Hindu nation. Until it was invaded and looted by Moguls, British and Congress. India has survived that. India is secular because of its Hindu culture. With its millions of Gods and Goddesses and millions of reincarnations, none understands secularism better than the natives of this country. If Hinduism wasn’t secular in its DNA, it wouldn’t have survived for thousands of years. It’s the very secular nature of Hindus that it never ever invaded or attacked any other country or civilisation. Its the Hinduism that encompasses all other faiths and religions and not the other way round. Hindus have let Muslims and British rule us. It’s the Hindu sensibility that has let an Italian run this country for 10 years. There is a Shahi Imam who also appeals to vote against communal forces. Who are these communal forces? Hindus? Or a party which believes in Hindu secularism and is led by ‘The-Man-You-hate‘ who says 10 times a day that his only mantra is ‘Justice for all. Appeasement for none.‘ So whom are you pointing your fingers at? Who is threatening India?

7. Your representatives, in Times Now debate said that they are not pimping for any party. But you are asking us to choose. If its not Modi led BJP, then who do you want us to vote? There are only two national parties. BJP and Congress. Who is secular, according to you? Unless you meant SP, BSP, AIIDMK, LJD, TMC, NCP etc. What is compelling you to talk in cryptic language and not naming ‘the-man’?

8. Mr. Robin Bhatt, your spokesperson, on TimesNow admitted that Modi is secular. Mr. Hansal Mehta, on the other hand, in the same programme, says he hates Modi but that’s his personal opinion. How is it that even before the ink dried up your signatories are distancing themselves with ‘personal’ and ‘official’ positions? Are you a political party? Like AAP? Or lis it that AAP is speaking through you? How can there be two opinions if some passionate ‘saviours’ of ‘art & culture’ have come together for a cause they believe in, so passionately? Is it possible that some people like Robin Bhatt and many others have signed it blindly because of your deep association with them in Writer’s association?

9. Why is it that most of the signatories also happen to be part of the same association that you have very constructively nurtured? I happen to know some of them closely. Are you sure they feel neither obliged nor compelled? Is this their absolute free and conscious voice? If they felt so strongly about India’s vulnerability how come they have never ever uttered a word about politics of any kind? How come they never spoke on social issues, at least?

10. If your fellow ‘secular’ filmwallas feel so strongly about  the ‘secular foundations‘ and its preservation, thereof, how come they never uttered a word against Muzzafarnagar riots? Or against Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav? Or Azam Khan? Or Abu Azmi? Did Imtiaz Ali object when Ayesha Takia (ironically, Both started their careers in a film called ‘Socha Na Tha’) to Abu Azmi’s communal comments on a public platform? Why suddenly?

11. I have an observation to make. Why is it that the Leftist crusader of truth, Shri Patwardhan, while speaking only looks down, never looking in the eyes. You are a genius scriptwriter who studies characters. Is this how men with convictions address the most sensitive issue which can shatter the secular foundations of Hindustan?

12. You know Bollywood is the biggest brand India has. People follow Bollywood more than cricketers and politicians. Your appeal has created an impression that entire Bollywood endorses your views. Have you written a disclaimer in your letter that these are your personal views and have nothing to do with Bollywood? Maybe not. But when Media called it Bollywood’s stance did you try to call the same editors to deny it with the same enthusiasm? Or are you taking advantage of a position that was never to be misused for political or personal gains?

13. Do you seriously want us to believe that secularism is the sole issue of these elections? And not development? Are you telling me that hungry, jobless people will ensure more communal harmony then well fed, employed people. Do you seriously mean that a corrupt India, lawless India, uneducated India and a weak India has better chances of preserving ‘secularity, inclusiveness & pluralism’ than a modern, educated and strong India? Or is it that like many Maoists/Naxals/ Leftists you also see development as biggest threat to their own existence and their political agenda?

14. Shrimati Sonia Gandhi also issued an appeal few days ago. Is it a coincidence that your appeal is reinforcing exactly the same? Can you vouch it for yourself and the other signatories that none has ever been beneficiary of Congress’s alms? And that noone of you have any vested interest in what you appeal? And that you have no political agenda? And none is firing from your shoulders like did with Arvind Kejriwal? If not, where was the need to get organised and send an appeal in such a hurry? Did you send this mail to all listed film professionals or just to those who you knew will sign either blindly, or would use this opportunity for their own agendas?

(I know the above question may upset few of your secular signatories but I must ask as the 15 crore young Indians are going to vote for the first time and they are vulnerable. I just want to ensure that they don’t feel cheated later.)

15. Last but not the least, I have two young kids in a very impressionable age. Next time if we happen to meet what should I tell them… “this is your secular uncle? Because he did not vote for Modi.” Is that the only thing you have reduced yourself to be called a ‘Secularist’?

In conclusion, my fellow film makers, I’d like to make a small correction in the mission statement of your appeal where you write: 

“However, one thing is clear:  ‘India’s secular character is not negotiable!

Not now, not ever.”

I find it narrow and rhetoric. Hence, I’d like to make a small correction and modernise it to suit the aspirations of millions of Indians:

“However, one thing is clear:  ‘India’s United character is not negotiable!

Not now, not ever.”

And also add:

Jai Hind.

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123 Responses to 15 Communal Questions to ‘The Secular Bollywood’

  1. Lovely article…very thought provoking…..I don’t support Modi but am also equally fed up with congress hogwash they give us every election….I have been an ardent congress supporter but their much below than average performance has saddened me. I agree with you that there are more pressing problems India is facing than the so called threat to its secularism. We need to address them. And though I don’t support modi but still I feel he is the man of the hour and only option right now to show some growth and bring a positive change.

  2. Avtar Bhogal says:

    Thank you Mr. Agnihotri for the rejoinder…..An educated writer thinks this way….Now you can imagine the uneducated ones !

    • Dullard how ‘educated’ are you? We are sick of the ‘religious’ kinds.. keep demanding special privileges and create public nuisance… all for some fake path to a fake God.

  3. sunjiv puri says:

    it is precisely this brand of psuedo secularism that has been plaguing this country for years. why is Modi an untouchable? 2002 riots? what about 1984? and countless others that were nurtured under congress regime? so is the qualification for being secular is support to looters and incompetent thieves ? if that is the case, i rather be prosperous well fed and communal than be hungry , poor and secular….. these people should not cheat the country by making irrisposible statements….. JAI HIND

    • DILIP says:


    • Well put. What probably angers a lot of people towards these pseudo-secularists is the asymmetric interest they take in the issues that they select. They never start a petition when the Prime Minister of India ManMohan Singh makes a statement that “Minorities have first right on India’s resources”! Where was this passion for “Secularism” then? Where was this activism then? Where is the petition against this statement? Are these so-called protectors of secular values telling me that this statement is not divisive?? Do threats to secularism arise only because of some vague perceived threat to only one community and not other communities? How did we produce an entire army of shallow activists who see issues with only ONE eye?

  4. Ravi Rao says:

    Sir, take a bow. ..

  5. Ashok says:

    If secularism is inclusiveness, why segregate casts by pointing fingers and numbers ? Why ask for votes on caste and community lines, why not on development index ? Only India is the country in the entire world that has welcomed every one aboard with open arms because of its ancient character – Hindutatva – the real meaning meaning people belonging to Hindustan – the name given to Bharat by Muslim invaders because of Indus Valley Civilization. We don`t need fatwats and dictates of these arm chair intellectuals. Go to roadside, you will find an ordinary Rickhawala has a better common sense and grasp of the subject matter. What he lacks is effective communication that these so called Intellectuals use to fool around masses.

    Must read and share Ram Jethmalani’s article : India must know the real Modi | Congress cannot stomach that Modi has kept Gujarat riot free for the past 12 years.
    Narendra Modi’s opponents, in cahoots with a partisan media, during the last decade have achieved great success in distorting the persona of the real Modi before Indians. This trend seems to be finally reversing.
    This week, I had the privilege of releasing Madhu Kishwar’s book, Modi, Muslims and Media. Kishwar has done great service by revealing to the public several facts that had been concealed from them deliberately, in a conspiracy between Modi’s political opponents who fear him, but control the mechanisms of government, and sections of the media dedicated to divisive communal forces, blessed by certain external powers that seek to ensure that India remains the sick man of Asia forever. We have witnessed this conspiracy during British rule, and we are witnessing it today.
    The facts relate to the Godhra incident and its unfortunate aftermath, and the man, Narendra Modi, his political background before he became Chief Minister, his performance as Chief Minister, and his actual interventions after the unfortunate Godhra train burning and the riots that followed.
    These facts have been concealed from Indians by the media machinery of the Congress and its so called “secular”, but actually communal allies, and snuffed out by influential sections of the public media who for reasons that became partners of the UPA in the demonisation of Modi. I have repeatedly stated in my articles during the last few years that one of the greatest successes of the UPA government has been its Goebbelsian demonisation of Modi. It lasted for a while, but it is clear that retribution is around the corner, and some of his greatest hired detractors, like Teesta Setalvad, are getting their just deserts. A large section of the public, especially the Muslim community have also realised that they have been taken for a ride by the Congress, which kept shoving false information down their throats, while they themselves were plundering the country, all the while perpetuating a schism between the Muslims and the majority community, to suit their political ends.
    Let the people know what really happened at Godhra. The carnage on the Sabarmati Express, which was carrying karsevaks from Ayodhya to Ahmedabad, took place on 27 February 2002 at 8.30 a.m., as it moved about 500 yards from Godhra station and was stopped at a signal, through repeated chain pulling by the conspirators. A crowd of around 2,000 Muslims started stoning the train mercilessly and setting fire to the coaches, having prepared the previous night with petroleum and acid bombs. Compartment doors were locked from outside, and the karsevaks were trapped in the fire and smoke. 59 persons, including women and children, in four coaches, were gruesomely burnt alive.
    The false defence put up by the criminals, aided and abetted by the Congress, when it came to power, was that it was an accidental fire, caused by a stove or an electrical short circuit. An intelligent fire, certainly, singling out only the karsevaks and their families. Do Indians know who defended the accused in the Godhra train burning incident? It was the Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee, and the Congress proxy NGO Jan Sangharsh Manch. The criminal conspiracy between Godhra train attackers and the Congress, and their complete lack of sympathy for the Godhra victims, needs no further explanation. Does their being Hindu have something to do with it?
    Kishwar informs us of the troubled history of Godhra, and its long history of communal riots from 1925 till 1992, post Independence, all under the Congress government. The worst riots in post partition India happened in 1969 in Ahmedabad where 5,000 Muslims were killed with the Congress in power under Chief Minister Hitendrabhai Desai. Does anyone ask about what action was taken against the perpetrators, what charge sheets were filed? In 1985, under Congress Chief Minister Madhavji Solanki, again there was a major communal riot preceded by smaller ones, with curfew lasting over 200 days. 1987 and 1990 again saw communal riots in Gujarat, under Congress Chief Ministers Amar Singh Chowdhery and Chimanbhai Patel. Let the people judge for themselves who the real Maut ka Saudagar is.
    Kishwar extensively quotes Zafar Sareshwala, a respected Gujarati Muslim entrepreneur, who started by wanting to take Modi to the International Court of Justice, and ended up by becoming his friend, after he met him in London in August 2003, and was astonished by his sincerity, his openness, and his good intentions for the Muslim community.
    The people of India have never been informed regarding the circumstances under which Modi became Chief Minister of Gujarat. It was because of too much infighting within the Gujarat BJP; to revitalise the party, Prime Minister A.B. Vajpayee decided to send Modi as the CM. Modi, who was then the general secretary of the BJP working from Delhi, had never fought an election before, had never handled administration or governance, and had not visited Gujarat for the last six years. It was on 7 October 2001 that he became CM. A complete novice, his first great challenge was handling the rehabilitation of the devastating Kutch earthquake of 26 January 2001, to which he announced he was according highest priority. Modi threw all his energy into this, visiting almost every village, including those inhabited only by Muslims, mourning and wiping the tears of the bereaved. He swore that he would convert the disaster into an opportunity, a word that he kept. Through dedicated and honest rehabilitation, villages such as Chobari and Trambe were resurrected, there came modernisation and economic resurgence, urban reconstruction and tourism, and Gujarat became a global role model for disaster management.
    Modi’s earliest statements after becoming Chief Minister are that of a statesman. They reveal his sagacity, patriotism and secularism, and not a trace of communalism is evident in them. He speaks of the common cause of Gujaratis, the power of oneness, combating corruption, farmers’ concerns, border and maritime security, poverty reduction, rural uplift. His slogan was Sabka Saath, Sab ka Vikaas, and he used his leadership and the entire governance structures to translate this into action. Gujarat had 11 universities in 2001. Today, there are 44, including a Sanskrit university.
    What the Congress and its communal allies (who derive their political sustenance only by keeping Hindu Muslim division alive for ever) cannot stomach is that Modi has kept Gujarat riot free for the last 12 years, something that never happened from 1925 for 75 years, the worst and with the most bloody riots happening under the Congress rule.
    But even before that, the Congress felt severely jolted. They panicked at what Kishwar calls “whirlwind Muslim support” for Modi for his first election from Rajkot in February 2002. 28 Muslim organisations declared support for him, prominent Muslim leaders and Muslim women campaigned for him and in booths where there was more than 70% Muslim population he surged ahead. His subsequent election victories, despite BJP dissidents joining hands with Congress, confirm without doubt that Modi’s government is completely inclusive, and Gujarat Muslims have not succumbed to Congress lies and hate campaign.
    The Congress had to sever the friendship between Muslims and the liberal face of the BJP, and it was willing to play with fire to engineer the same, including hobnobbing with the ISI, or participate in the riots, for which there is evidence from none other than Maulana Madni, of Jamiat Ulema e Hind.
    There is also enough evidence, corroborated by K.P.S. Gill, that Modi took every necessary step to ensure taking control of the situation — indefinite curfew, shoot at sight orders, putting the entire 70,000 police force on public duty, deployment of rapid action force and CISF, request to the Centre for 10 companies of CRPF. Army assistance was requested on the first day. Both the Nanavati Commission and the Supreme Court monitored SIT have found nothing against Modi, and have rubbished the canards spread by his enemies.
    I appeal to the Muslims of India not to become victims of the hate propaganda and falsehoods that are being tenaciously and relentlessly pursued by the Congress against Modi. Please understand that the Congress aims to permanently convert you as the “other”, so that you will always be on the fringes, and will always have to depend upon them for support. I suggest that you enquire from your brothers in Gujarat, and find out for yourself regarding whatever Modi has done for the prosperity of the Muslim community. Give him a drop of affection and trust and judge for yourself the goodwill he has for your community.
    I have had access to most of the vital papers pertaining to the Godhra episode, and I can give a moral guarantee that I have not seen a single action or statement from Modi that suggests any communalism or divisiveness or hatred for the Muslims that the Congress has accused him of. And such a statement from me would carry some credibility, as one thing even my worst detractors cannot accuse me of is communalism. Many people may not be aware that my dear daughter Rani adopted from an orphanage a small Muslim boy of 6 months, and brought him up. My grandson uses my name, Ali Jethmalani, and even though he wanted to become Hindu, we counselled him to come of age and then choose. I need not say anymore.
    Source : The Sunday Guardian : http://bit.ly/1qcVWsd

    • Akshat Seth says:

      Why Don’t you for a change stop patronizing the Muslims which many ‘well meaning’ Modi fans claim as their birthright? The fact that those riots happened under Congress shows us that the RSS mentality is not a copyright of the BJP alone.
      And I really really admire the intelligence levels of most Modi fans who always have a counter example in the form of ‘Congress did this’ ready whenever we dare to criticize the pious holy man who was holding a press conference barely 3 KM. away from Gulburg at 3.30, when the massacre was happening and only ‘came to know about it at 8.30.'(As he said in the SIT report and incredibly the SIT took him at his word) Shame!
      That man might think that calling a man a ‘Pakistani agent’ is his prerogative, we don’t agree and we Mr. Modi doesn’t hold a copyright on patriotism

      • Swaraj Bharti says:

        when you make sweeping statements about RSS ..All i can say is you need to know more about them. Someone could make similar sweeping statements about Madarsa, Church, Missionaries etc, But you find such people rare … Amazingly you will find highest no of people from Hindutva(a way of life not religion) crusading for rights of minorities … However the clap need two hands .. we see many times other hand missing .. Why not outrage on AZAM khan within the community , why not outcry of rights of women ? … I wish we can see beyond rhetoric

  6. Sanjay Mehandiratta says:

    when one calls Modi sampradavayee (communalist ) actually the one saying it really is..
    one can understand a politician using it as his / her survival ( & splurging ) depends on it.
    his / her work is not accountable, he/ she can simply, just before elections sell this fear and get away with it, back into power and good life..
    its perfect..

    but its such a pity, to think, that so called intelligentsia can still be manipulated by this, over and over.. (OR there was a large consideration for these guys, and they’ve sold their soul..how else do you think India has been ruled for so long),

    i believe- anyone using it (this secular card)
    1. surely did not work, when it was time and will not work even if you vote him back.
    he/she is already saying it..only we have to listen to it.
    2. He/ she is the real sampradavayee element in the scheme of things.

    Modi on the other hand is talking development / progress which is honourable and likewise it is honourable to defend him.. Congrats Vivek and all the best !!

    election: for me, the deal is about better governence (should be ! ), where does my-God-is-better-than-your-God come in ??

    Sanjay Mehandiratta

  7. Aashit Chatterjee says:

    Very well written Mr. Vivek…How come so many hidden hypocrites busted out altogether…

  8. Rajan says:

    Communal Are all those:
    – who do not only favor minority
    – who talk good of Hindu
    – who put Nation before anti-national
    – who talk of empowerment of all (including Hindus)
    – who do not ignore the anti-national activity
    – who talk good of Indian age old culture
    – Who do-not wear Skull cap
    – Who fight separatist

  9. Willy Orca says:

    I’m sorry, how exactly does this author even have a “following” of his blog, when his line of reasoning is so resoundingly stupid that I feel robbed of the 2 minutes of my life spent reading it.

    “Millions of Indians (read Hindus) love Modi. They respect him. Adore him. And some also worship him… By hating their leader, calling him a grave danger to India, aren’t you playing a communal card? Aren’t you questioning the judgement of millions? Aren’t you hurting the sentiments of millions? How is your appeal secular?”

    Huh? What kind of imbecile makes such an argument? Every despot, every fascist dictator through history has had a band of supporters, often majorities of countries (Hitler anyone?). Is that in and of itself reason enough to not speak out against someone? Aren’t you questioning the judgement of millions he asks, as if the approval of millions is the gold standard of propriety. Questioning everything and engaging in free debate is the cornerstone of a democratic and enlightened society. Even if we assume that questioning the judgement of millions is somehow undesirable, how the hell does it become an anti-secular line of questioning? Wow, Vivek dude, whatever you are smoking, please pass it around.

    • ravi pandit says:

      very well written. Today India needs a strong man like Modi.

    • Willy dude, there are turly millions, one such Indian is responding to your suspected argument…..wake up….India is born Hindu nation….natives have always been secular.

    • Paroma Das says:

      Dear Willy Orca,

      You have written, “Every despot, every fascist dictator through history has had a band of supporters, often majorities of countries (Hitler anyone?)”. My question is – if despots and dictators are so closely associated with supporters and majorities, then why not do away with DEMOCRACY itself since it is heavily dependant on supporters and majorities? Or is that association to be used selectively only against leaders like Modi?

      With regards,

      • Akshat Seth says:

        Democracy and majoritarianism are two different things- for your knowledge. The classic example being Sri Lanka which was a democracy but the majority thing cost the country a long civil war. This is the precise propaganda that the RSS ideologues have created that he is being unfairly targeted.
        Unfairly? He was calling relief camps ‘baby producing factories’ on September 2002 and he is being targeted unfairly? Read more.

    • Sachin says:

      Wow..Whole World 90% of the terrorist attacks have muslim Communism as the reason, one cartoon of prophet mohammad in netherland made whole world burnt,,hundreds of ppl killed around the globe,,,and when painter Fida Husaain made pictures of nude hindu goddess and hindus got angry (they didnt ransacked any property or killed anyone like muslims did for cartoon) it was called by muslism and so called pseudo-secular as against freedom of expression….so by some stupid standard whose who follow Modi and communal and not secular,,and all the muslims of hyderabad who follow Owaisi who abused hindu gods and vowed to kill all Hindus in india and incited ppl are secular ppl…what a double standard by morons like u

    • Praveen Chandran says:

      Willy Orca ….. I would like to know What are YOU smoking dude … please pass it around … Modi and communalism is a myth created by idiots who are pseudo secular. majority of theses pseudo seculars are either muslim, christians or congress and their like minded people. Oh btw even you are part of it … so if i am to go by what you put up as your answer then my logical question is what kind if imbecile would make an argument like the one put by you …. Point here that Vivke made is majority of the people are easily influenced by what people in the community would say… Muslims will blindly follow what the SHAI IMAM would say…. Christians like you would always listen to what your church else you will not be given a christian burial… a HARSH one but still a truth…. and then there are likes of idiots who are young and not sure of any political happenings … get influenced by the likes of the pseudo secularist …. the likes of congress, ncp, sp, bsp and there are many …who will influence the confused lots ….. So before you judge upon what vivke has asked … please have the wisdom of understanding why he has asked those questions.

    • ranjan says:

      And it has become fashionable to compare Hitler with Modi. (Obviously without any valid arguments). So far the only person who is not talking about communalism is blamed for one. Arguments like yours are pushing me more towards voting for this guy.

    • He has lucidly demonstrated the sickness with the lefty mindset.. you are a part of the problem.. no wonder you don’t get it dullard.

      • Akshat Seth says:

        Do you get it Sanghi Internet bully and self styled patriot (read chauvinist goon) who has never read anything in his life except RSS books? No you don’t- and don’t ever think that you can bully people around without being questioned. Your sham stands exposed by the kind of lingo you use- SANGHI MORON!!!!

    • Ok, “willy orca”? Whatever your name is, Make a point or shutup. He is speaking out in favor of Modi- what do you stand for? Whom do you support? Or is criticizing others the only thing you do? What do you STAND UP for? Anything?
      I support Modi, I think he’s good for the economic development of the entire country.
      You can disagree with Vivek but comparing Modi to Hitler? Suggesting he’s smoking weed with your Ashton-kutcher-esque use of “dude” suggests YOU are the one lighting up pal. ( I had to Google that, I’m not quite the NRI you are )

    • sanjitnarwekar says:

      You wasted two minutes reading the blog and then 20 minutes crafting the reply. So sad!! Now don’t waste any more time replying to this imbecile because I know before hand what language you are going to use.

    • Itisha Baxi says:

      Thank god.. somebody is talking sense on this whole page..

  10. Willy Orca says:

    ” I have decided to vote for the only man who says repeatedly that India is his religion and her Constitution is his holy book. If I vote for ‘that-man’, how will I threaten the secular fibre of India? Pl. enlighten.”

    And the Oscar for gullibility beyond compare goes to…

    Mr. Author, if you really think that the way to judge an election candidate is by his claims made during election time, then I have a plot on the moon for sale for you… special price! You judge a candidate by his record, his actions, not by the poppycock they vomit during election time. What in his past shows you a secular record? His RSS roots? His work with VHP? His claim to be a “hindu nationalist”? His party’s manifesto to build a Raam Mandir, with taxpayer money no less? Parading bodies of Godhra train victims through ahmedabad whipping up communal frenzy? Comments such as “hum paanch hamaare pachees”, or “i felt sad for muslim victims of the riots like I feel sad when a puppy is run over by a car”? What in this record seems secular to you?

    • Dp says:

      Completely agree! If medicines dnt wrk, we dnt tk poison; bjp is worse than poison

      • Happy says:

        Looks like you already took Congress poison.

      • Paroma Das says:

        You have written, “we dnt tk poison; bjp is worse than poison”. But the chairperson of the ruling alliance at the Centre has been publicly quoted by her son as saying, “Power is poison” while BJP has hardly been in power at the Centre during the last 66 years since India’s independence.

    • Paroma Das says:

      Dear Willy Orca,

      You have written, “You judge a candidate by his record, his actions”. However, haven’t you done the exact opposite? Instead of going by Modi’s record & actions in office during the last 12 years, you have judged him by his:-
      (i) “RSS roots” (however, you have not told us why the self-declared ‘secular’ parties have not banned RSS if past association with it is so criminal);
      (ii) “work with VHP” (probably you are ignorant of the fact that Modi has never worked with VHP);
      (iii) “claim to be a ‘hindu nationalist'” (probably you have forgotten your own yardstick of judging a candidate by his record rather than his words);
      (iv) “party’s manifesto to build a Raam Mandir, with taxpayer money no less” (once again, you have forgotten your own yardstick of judging by record rather than “the poppycock they vomit during election time”);
      (v) “Parading bodies of Godhra train victims through ahmedabad” (probably you have no faith in the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team’s report that no such ‘Parading’ occurred);
      (vi) “Comments such as ‘hum paanch hamaare pachees’” (once more, you have forgotten your own yardstick of judging a candidate by his record rather than his words);
      (vii) “i felt sad for muslim victims of the riots like I feel sad when a puppy is run over by a car” (without pointing out the falsity of your quotation, I would only point out that one more time you have forgotten your own yardstick of judging a candidate by his record rather than his words).

      Lastly, you have asked, “What in this record seems secular to you?” The answer is that you have NOT seen his record in office during the last 12 years but heard only the allegations against him. But, it is your right not to see and only to hear. As a citizen whose only holy book is the Constitution of India, I respect your right.

      With regards,

      • Akshat Seth says:

        Dear Paroma, I would like to state that unless and until the people of this country start questioning the institutions of power, judiciary included, you are not going to become a democracy. My reply to Ashok above points out the basic flaw in the SIT report. You might have forgotten a recent Delhi high court judge having called sex outside marriage ‘immoral’ .I haven’t.

      • V well replied to that moron Orca… though he deserves some more.

    • Sachin says:

      Moron What u have to say for ppl like Azam Khan and all muslims love him,,he will win bcoz of muslim votes ,,the person who openly abused hindus,,,and are those muslims not communal by ur logic,,same goes with Owaisi..stupid comment by you…and improve ur english..he didnt said “muslim victims of the riots like I feel sad when a puppy” ..Read again, he said “i felt sad for muslim victims of the riots because I even feel sad when a puppy is run over by a car. Understand its meaning first then give ur stupid comment…it means that he is kind hearted person and even a small animal death do pinch him and those killed were humans

    • Gaurav says:

      Hey listen, blabbering would not help at all. You keep crying whole life like this, you cannot think of a solution. Fools like you should vote thieves again, 10 yrs of scams not enough it seems. I am not a die hard supporter of BJP but that is the best choice we have or else we go back to 90s, with cobbled government..

    • Ashutosh says:

      RSS is the team of self-servants. These are nationalists not terrorists. Hinduism is not a religion, it is art of living. Hindus are nature loving peoples. Real secularism is Hinduism.
      For your kind information, you must know the truth of Godhra accident. Why it happened? Who planned the genocide of innocent peoples travelling in the train?
      A person who becomes sad when puppy run over by a car, then think about the Godhra victims. They all were innocent peoples. You are diverting the facts.

    • Ritu says:

      Sir You are quite uprooted person — who has no-knowledge of India. Your hate for Modi is astonishing. But no-worries — we Indian love Modi even more. The more you cry that Modi is communal more support he is going to get and more affection he is going to get. Your comments hurts the sentiments of millions of people and they become more adamant for Modi support. Keep doing good work — in a -ve way only but you are helping mother India.

    • Devendra Pai says:

      How do any of the things you’ve mentioned make him communal?

      1. his RSS roots
      2. being a Hindu Nationalist (whats wrong in that?)

      I would, like to bring it to your notice that you are post incorrect information.

      1. Ram Mandir with tax-payers money – who said that? they are talking about constitutionally facilitating the process of building a Ram Mandir. Well the Ram Mandir is the birth place of the only Human avtaar of God Vishnu on earth. Well, the SC has already stated that a grand temple stood at the spot which was destroyed by foreign invader Babar who built a structure over it. So technically theres nothing wrong in helping people build a structure which was destroyed by a foreigner. And for the record, hope you know that Government controls many Hindu shrine boards and gets a good revenue from it which is spent to restore places of worship of other religions (and you didnt object to that? or was it that your knowledge of India is weak and you are just going on in rhetoric?)

      And of course, people are voting for Modi not only because oh the claims of work he will do post election, but because of the claims of work he has done in the state of Gujarat.

      and with regards to the puppy remark – well there are some local quotes and metaphors used while communicating so lease acquaint yourself with the local dialectics ad only then comment.

      Devendra Pai

    • Bvv says:

      Your hate is as expected. After all, Modi has put a spoke in the conversion missionary wheel 🙂

    • Praveen Chandran says:

      Willy Orca you are nominated for “the Oscar for gullibility” but then there are no competition .. you are just one of kind… and the award should go to you…
      What do you know about the RSS .. apart the fact the the pseudo secularist have painted them as communal where as the likes of congress was and is still more communal than any of the so called communal parties… What do you know about VHP … And as for being a HINDU NATIONALIST…. well first go and find out what HINDU AND HINDUTVA means … Then you can comment on other character … As for RAM Mandir … hindus will never need tax payers money … we are more than capable of building our temple … but then the likes of you and your church … have they ever shown any accountablity …. how many of the church have till date paid tax … How many of the so called MADRASA have paid a single penny in TAX …. where as every temple and hindu organisation have been registered with the Income tax department… what good has any of the christians done other than feeding on tax payers money … NOTHING
      As for gujarat violence … every body knows and it is now out in open … modi did have nothing to do with the Violence … what he did was due diligence …. that a chief minister should have done…. but then you see what you are shown by your christian church … Cant help when you and the likes of you start seeing thing with Jaundiced eyes…
      As for his puppy comment …. There was an apat answer given by a MUSLIM yes a MUSLIM over the ruckus created …
      She said ‘if a mother when asked by a media person do you hit your child and if the mother were to answer i dont even hit my dog … the media guys start curcifying the women say she called her child a dog … this is the kind of circus media would create and highly sophisticated people like you will create a big ruckus over it

    • Akshat Seth says:

      The whole of them gone myopic. Darn it! Let’s go and hang ourselves if he becomes PM.

    • hari says:

      What about RSS roots? Have you read the RSS Constitution on what constitutes Hindutva? No? – READ IT before you make a fool of yourself. No Hindu gets spooked with RSS. So if you use it to create fear, its not going to work. I am joining RSS soon after I write this message – just to piss you off.

      What work did he do with VHP – specify! Every journalist will tell you that Modi has virtually driven out the VHP from Gujarat. Ever hear of Praveen Togadia in the news nowadays? No? – well you owe it to Modi!

      Heard the Reuters interview of calling himself a “Hindu nationalist”. Read the context in which he said it. He said I am a Hindu and I am a nationalist so I guess you could call me a Hindu nationalist. He was not implying Hindu nationalism in the way you interpret it or is commonly interpreted to mean Hindu supremacist. But he could have avoided the controversy so that haters like you don’t target him.

      Have you read the Supreme Court judgement on Ram Mandir which has acknowledged the claims of Hindus? No? You insist on being foolish – the manifesto talks of a Ram Mandir within the constitutional framework i.e. after the SC comes with its final judgement. Am I supposed to feel ashamed as a Hindu because of a Ram Mandir?

      Parading bodies – he did not parade it! All those accusations have been taken to the Supreme Court and dismissed. So don’t start a Kangaroo court here. Hum Paanch Hamaare pacchees was an inappropriate use of language but its a fact that Muslims have high fertility rates. You cannot pick and choose his comments that suit your tirade – have you heard his Patna speech exhorting Hindus and Muslims to fight poverty? Have you read his blog expressing his regrets? Have you heard his many intrerviews in which he asks for Muslims to be not stereotyped with terrorists? But YOU need to pick ONE that suits your prejudies against the man. You cannot pick and choose your evidence! Either look at all his speeches and THEN judge him on Secularism or don’t judge him at all. Not with these silly one-liners at least!

      Finally the puppy remark – ABSOLUTELY FREAKING NOTHING WRONG WITH WHAT HE SAID. Listen to his recent ANI interview where he explains even if a puppy gets a heart” is an expression often used, it does not literally mean that he is comparing Muslims to puppies. Only the most bitter and the most hateful people would see it that way. I was actually surprised when some people pretended to get offended. I am sure they weren’t but its better to show that they were.

      Pseudo-secularists are the biggest hypocrites in India. I disagree that this election is about development. It is really about your perverted idea of secularism versus mine.

  11. Aman Raj says:

    These 15 questions reflect the questions of crores of Indians who are going to vote for Modi in this elections. Thank YOU for giving words to our feelings.

  12. shankerjai says:

    What is your reply in response to Mr. Ashok’s comment Mr. Willy Orca ? I hate differentiate between blood of a Hindu and a Muslim. But people like you with prejudice mind send people to BJP……..Neither one-sided love Nor once-sided hate work for a civil society.

  13. Anil says:

    To all you pseudo secularists ,can you please define secularism to me.i think the sha banoo case has clearly shown how secular we are,add reservations to this and we become more secular.after 2002 there have been a number of bomb blasts and terrorist attacks on our citizens ,who was behind this ,Hindu fanatics ?, I have never heard these pseudos come out with public statements condemning those behind these attacks.india was partioned in 1947 for those who wanted an Islamic state .the people of India were assured that all people would be treated as equals ,where is equality here.it has become a fashion to ignore the majority and pamper minorities in the form of reservations .the only majority Muslim state has thrown out Hindu pundits why do these pseudos keep quite about this .i know every one is entitled to vote for whom they like but please do not use secularism as an excuse to put forth your opinion .i will agree with you if you say that I am not going to vote for modi because he is not going to appease us

  14. john says:

    Ek taraf chor hai.. to doosri taraf Khasai (BUtcher).. vote kisko dein.. ab bol mere bhai??? chor to loot ke chalajayega.. magar Khasai??

    • Praveen Chandran says:

      JANAB … kasai kaun hai … aur kiso mara … aur jab woh kasai maar raha tha … aap kahan thay … Apne ghar ke living room ke aaram khursi per baith ke chai ki chuski laga rahe the naa … kisis ko bachaya toh nahi …

    • HP says:

      Which Khasai or Kasai you are talking about??? Those European Kasais who travelled along with army to murder civilizations after civilizations throughout the globe and when realized that their power will not work started exploiting weak spots of the societies they had looted and made poor. In India, if I get converted, I can get “GUARANTEED JOB” even if I don’t have any education degree. So, powerful are those European Kasai in India. Moreover, they are not accountable to anyone. There funds are also not accountable.

    • Happy says:

      Godhra train Khasai are also in jail and some got death sentence. Are one of them?

    • Paroma Das says:

      “Khasai” is the party which was in power while 100s of communal riots killed 1000s of people in the last 66 years of India’s independence.

      • sanjitnarwekar says:

        Bhai mere aap to lootere ko vote dijiye. After all we are the mango people in a banana republic!! And how dare mangoes think. We are here to be eaten.

  15. Dheeraj Rattan says:

    I appeal to the Muslims of India not to become victims of the hate propaganda and falsehoods that are being tenaciously and relentlessly pursued by the Congress against Modi.

  16. Shireen says:

    Very well written. If one loves India, wants it to be a developed nation, then Modi is clearly the answer, not some pseudo-secular dynasty and their blind sycophants. These bollywood types crying hoars about secularism are pathetic.

  17. Very well said !! I completely agree with you. The Secularism finishes when one tries to count the no of heads from a particular religion. We all know who is doing that for years now.

    I am voting for Modi as an Indian & not as a Hindu or a Muslim or a Marathi or a Bihari etc. It is very important to follow your religion but the water, schools, roads, jobs & electricity are as important as religion. I am voting for a guy who is keep on using the terminology ‘125 Crore Indians’, unlike others who is repeating ’30 Crore Muslims’ or ’70 Crore Hindus’.

    This election I am voting for a Nationalist.
    I am voting for the development.
    I am voting for the Progress.
    I am Voting for Narendra Modi.

  18. rahul shah says:

    Everyone knows from where the main money for these Bolly movies come from.And how much missionaries and Dawood Ibrahm also have their influence on bollywood and the financing.

  19. Manju rao says:

    Most of the Bollywood are useless idiots without any commitment or nationality. We should ask these idiots to leave India and go wherever they feel they are safe

  20. Vamadev Shastri says:

    Why are you hiding behind a whale of a name, Willy Orca? The author has put his name to his opinion. Put, your name and face on this thread too! You must either be hiding behind your real name or real nationality. Either way – you are a coward!

  21. gautam says:

    excellent write up,kudos to the writer !

  22. Vrushank Mehta says:

    Super piece of writing .. You have penned down state of millions mind in India … Respect you for your courage to question some of senior members of your film industry .. Keep up the good work


  23. Suresh Dixit says:

    Mr Jaidi go back to school and study history of India with open mind. India was a Hindu Nation, And will always remain so. Due to secularism and inclusiveness of Hindus that Mu gals survived and destroyed. It is also due to same fabrics that we are tolerating Sicklurist like *** and all others but don’t treat it as our weakness. Tolerance is power Read the history what happened to Mugals and English. The same will happen to all so called Sicklurist in very near future…

    • Aamod Jha says:

      Dixit, you go and cleanse your thinking that’s been cluttered by typical RSS propaganda. In India, dere was never a concept of ‘religion’ per se, Hinduism by nature was inclusive and a way of life. It is the entry of other religions like christianity and islam who segregated natives as Hindus. Stop feeling insecure and ashamed of the fact that Muslims ruled you. Take your fractured ego and please do not pass on the same poison to your next generation. India needs to look forward, and that is precisely why some people are opposing the closeted Sanghi Mr.Modi.

      • graphics says:

        I am not a follower of RSS , BJP or Hinduism as such. but a great admirer of great tradition of sanatan and vadic period . To day a Renaissance of such tradition is only answer to modern day crisis. otherwise be ready for more crusades and jihads like 9/11 or Mumbai terrorist attacks and let your young generation blown off by jihadist Fidains.

  24. Mike says:

    Thanks for honesty. It is rare in these “secular times”. Good luck my friend. God bless you.

  25. Kevin Shah says:

    Superbly written article! Echoes the sentiments expressed by Swami Vivekananda ages ago in Chicago about Hinduism being secular by itself!

  26. Subhas Mitra says:

    Let us hope we can leave behind those denationalized Indian and walk forward without caring the rotten baggage of our past colonial masters .

  27. Abhijeet Deshpande says:

    Great Article Vivek.

  28. g says:

    I was unaware before reading this article that a bollywood man can have such a clesr vision and bother about common man…
    very well said

  29. Nak says:

    Beyond idiot logic.Somebody please let this author know the meaning of secularism and the word “secular” ; seems to have completely missed connotation. A religion CANNOT be secular. And if as you say Hinduism teaches all Hindus to be secular,you can rest assured that you and your ilk in the RSS were decidedly absent from class those many centuries. Two thumbs up for you Mr Orca for calling out this fraud.

  30. Preeti says:

    To the ‘petitioning Bollywood fraternity’….you guys are absolutely right…We must vote for a secular party. I vote for THE secular BJP & Modi…you can take your pick from the other
    ‘sickulars’ !!

  31. akash says:

    Thanks Mr Agnihotri, for showing that there are patriots in Bollywood. As for the disgruntled wannabes like Willy Orca and Zaidi, they are used to sops on behalf of their religious leanings and cannot digest a Hindu nationalist like Modi coming to power. To that, I say, deal with it. We Hindus and citizens of India have long awaited a leader like Modi who is a nationalist and is unabashed about his Hindu identity, yet treats all the same. Secularism for these people is basically their religious identity running roughshod over the majority. Enough. India first!!

  32. Arvind says:

    I am a secular person. I believe UPA Govt led by Congress is responsible for reducing GDP growth rate of 8.5% in 2004 to 4.5% in 2014. Therefore, I will vote for BJP. Voting for BJP does not make me communal. BJP has projected Narendra Modi as Prime Minister candidate. There have been no communal riots in Gujarat in last 12 years . Gujarat state has developed as per expectations of the people of Gujarat. That is why Gujarati people elected Modi THREE TIMES as their leader. I will follow in the footsteps of the people of Gujarat so that India’ s GDP growth rate may improve and economic conditions of millions of Indians may improve. Therefore I will vote for BJP. Mind you , I am well wisher of my fellow Indians and therefore not Communal. My slogan for General Elections 2014 is as follows.
    Is there anybody out there who wants tells me that I
    am not secular.

  33. Som Shekar says:

    WHAT I dreaded & prayed shouldn’t & wouldn’t happen to our wonderful Hindi film Industry has happened, thanks to Anjum Rajabali’s patriotic fervor that he couldn’t bridle ! Sir pls leave the industry alone but do believe in whatever you personally feel instead of trying to drive a wedge among the ‘bonds’ of the so far secular & friendly film fraternity ! It doesn’t need your intellectual observations & pointers as the rest have their senses intact & can make their own judgments !

    A man who constantly says that only development is his agenda & that every citizen has as much right as he (Modiji) has, is snubbed & insulted as a fundamentalist in spite of the fact that within his state almost all 2002 riot accused r behind bars & riot free for 12 yrs while the Congress’s Jagdish ‘Hitler’ & the rest of its ‘gestapo ‘ r running around Scot free & playing in Sonia’s lap as r the numerous other riots accused congressmen & CM’s.

    Also so much has been made of Modiji not wearing a Muslim skull cap while he accepts other headgear. The video though it shows Modiji recieving the Imam with such respect & dignity & speaking while bowing & accepting the Islamic shawl & requesting the Imam not to place the skullcap on his head, is largely ignored. That Imam comes out & says that Modiji insulted Islam as he didn’t wear the cap.

    Arre bhai! if that cap is Islamic how dare does anyone force it on people from other religions. Will the Imam take prasad or darshan ? Then why find the other’s actions insulting. Most of my friends r Muslim & they all r very dear to me. But I will NEVER wear a skull cap. But that does not make me an anti Muslim or Islam !!! Also most of the other head gear that Modiji wore were tribal or symbolic or were from a religion whose people visit each others religious temples & pray araam se instead of saying Haraam !

    My respect for Modiji doubled that day as he portrayed himself as a real ‘Mard’ & desisted from playing vote bank politics ! Wonder why the secular Nitish kumar who said “kabhi kabhi topi PAHAN na pad tha hai ” seems to b getting an all round election drubbing ?

    This jabardasti that u HAVE to wear a Muslim skull cap reminds us of the situation centuries ago where u were warned ‘wear it or else’! Only diff is currently it is the congress’s Sultanat’.

    I want stability & I want a strong leader with josh to improve Bharath’s standing in the world & having Bharathiyata coursing in his veins !!! At the moment the Best option for me is Bhai Narendra Modi ! If he does not deliver or is in anyway a threat to secularism after becoming the Pm, I will turn against him !

    I will vote for NARENDRA MODI ! Brothers & Sisters vote for whoever your heart & mind signals for. Don’t listen to the Divisive agenda of Anjum to whom I pray to leave our secular film fraternity alone !!!!!!!

    Jai Bharath ! Jai Modi !

  34. pra says:

    Great questions.

    Congress, Leftists, opportunists in Bollywood came together to create a sensation that whole Bollywood is against this man.
    Punishing them is by voting Modi.

  35. ravi kumar says:

    Very nice

  36. Ravi Up says:

    Amazing article…tooo goood…kindly ensure u bring such points in mind to minority…please share this as people are being fooled by communal card to stay in business. .

  37. Naina says:

    Great article.No other politician has been systematically demonized over a decade than Mr.Modi.Why do these bunch of pseudoseculars only talk of 2002 why dont they want to discuss 1984 1993 riots or muzzafarnagar riots.This is only an excuse what is the real worry of congress, media and their stooges.Here is a man who only talks of development and bringinh yhe nation forward.How can any true nationalist object to this beats me

  38. HD Motiramani says:

    I wish and hope that Anjum Rajabali & his team are not dumb & blind. Do they are either sleeping or pretending to do that. What Azam has said, What Saharanpur fello said and what the sting operation of TI Police said and what action was taken by not so Mulaayam is well known to whole of India.
    It is good that Bollywood has kept the hopes alive. Seeing your blog proves that. Hats off to you.

  39. vishal says:

    its the only secular indian media and historians who are on a drive to brain wash simple hindu masses by equating all religions and calling all as peaceful which is a lie in itself as most two popular faiths call for jihad and crusade against non believers in their style of worship does vedas or ramayana or bagwat gita calls foe beheading of those who are non idol worshippers does any faith believes in a philosophy of vasudev kutumbkham

  40. Awesome blog, Sir. Real answer to these pseudo secularists. Suddenly for them, development, corruption, terrorism, security of the nation are non issues. #SHAME and #DISGRACE to such society.

  41. ashok kumar says:


  42. Ravi N Padukone says:

    Congress can never hope to match the quality of leadership of Modi. Don’t blame those entangled in media propaganda unleashed against Modi. Those responsible are Congress, Main stream paid media, compromised NGOs funded by foreign sources inimical to India – all of whom have a common deceitful agenda. The 15 questions are really relevant. Who dares to answer them?

  43. Adityakrishna says:

    Reblogged this on Aditya KrishnaKumar and commented:
    15 questions for the pseudo-seculars for which they will have no answers.

  44. Aamod Jha says:

    Do not bother Bollywood, i will answer you.
    You are either a. a development seeking Indian
    b. a closeted hindu-nationalist for whom Modi represents the utopian Muslim-vanquisher..You have decided to vote for a person that the pr firm has made him to be.
    Millions of Hindu do not respect and adore him, wht kind of statement is that? can you provide statistics for this.

    I will not vote for Modi because of two reasons;
    a. bcz of what feelings he evokes in the minds of countless Hindus, who hve been burdened in their minds with the propaganda that we have been wronged in the past by muslims.
    b. his economic policies, which are pro-rich. Some call him the Reagan of India (ac to an article in a US newspaper, and Modi-bhakts were orgasmic that such a comparison was made 😀 )
    a proponent of trickle down economics.

    PS- I am not a congressi, and for me the second reason matters more.

    • arun says:

      Oh dear!!
      Trickle down economics is sooo bad.
      Yes!! we must go for the tsunamical spread of poverty USSR style or West Bengal style where 30 years of Lal Salaams brought a developed state to its knees. Right ??

      And ofcourse if we have to murder a couple of thousand political opponents on the way, does it really matter??
      After all everyone is going to die some day, innit??

  45. Jaideep Adhvaryu says:

    Respects, respects and respects to Vivek for such mature, honest and gutsy response to the stupid “intellectuals” who are blinded by their hate for Modi.

  46. sohom says:

    kahlo jo kahna hai baar baar…..
    abki baar modi sarkaar

  47. Vijayalakshmi Menon says:

    This kind of wanton hate- campaign against the popular candidate, Narendra Modi is uncalled for, and it is against democratic principles. Shabnam Hashmi and her cohorts of the “progressive” forum are not really progressive, when they are trying to intimidate the common people of this country. These commies/leftists are themselves the ones who are subscribing to a violent, intolerant ideology. Such people deserve the strongest possible condemnation for interfering with the democratic norms and principles prevalent in this country. Kudos to Vivekji for asking the questions which are in the mind of every right-thinking Hindu. The only way to snub the hate-mongers is to vote for NaMo, i.e.BJP.

  48. IBSINGH says:

    It will better if Secularism is defined. Who and what is required to practice secularism? The characteristics of person or group of person who can practice Secularism. Define it and let the people decide them self.

  49. shashank says:

    Dear , Willy Orca .

    I just feel sad that still there are people who feel like you . Just wanted to ask is it your conscious view or scared ones 🙂 .
    Hope you understand what I am trying to convey

  50. shashank says:

    Dear Willy Orca,
    I really feel sad that still there are people who think like you . Just curious to know if the wisdom that you have expressed really out of your conscious mind or out of fear .
    All I can say is that start thinking about the nation and not just about yourself and your community.
    I hope you get what I am trying to convey .

  51. Vijayalakshmi says:

    It is leftists and evangelist groups led by vested interests like Shabnam Hashmi, John Dayal, Teesta Setelvad, Fr Cedric Prakash and other anti-India forces out to destabilize India, who are engaged in a vilification campaign against Modi. It is such groups who are behind the formation and funding of the AAP , and also trying to influence other politicians to criticize Modi. But the fact is that NaMo is the only hope for India, and we must give him a chance to do his best for the country. His slogan “Ek Bharat, Sresht Bharat” will certainly help all sections of the population and unify the country.

  52. Indian says:

    Superbly written article! Echoes the sentiments expressed by Swami Vivekananda ages ago in Chicago about Hinduism being secular by itself!

  53. sangeeth sivan says:

    ‘India’s United character is not negotiable!

    Not now, not ever.”

    Jai Hind.

    Sums it up nicely. The word Secular has been misused and misinterpreted enough. What we should be looking forward is to Unity and Growth. At this point i see only one man who is talking about it and voting for him is not going to make me any less Secular.

  54. Madhav Das says:

    Well said sir.
    Every morning when I drive to work in Chennai I see hordes of my fellow countrymen standing patiently in the blazing sun for a visa to ‘their’ promised land- the USA. But why are they looking to go to the USA? It cannot be because they are looking for a secular country to settle down in. To me they they only want entry into the land of plenty but what stopped India from being the land of plenty?
    Political parties and/or our leaders quietly bury all discusssions about employment, industrial development, healthcare, safety etc and divert our attention with endless discussions on secularism. This is now being continued by a bankrupt Congress party under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi.
    What stopped the secular Congress from practising what they preached? It would be funny to listen to Rahul if it weren’t so tragic to hear that smug man.
    Of course here is no guarantee that Modi will deliver either but why not try him out once. Who knows, he might do a lot more than the secular Congress or the caste based or minority influenced parties!

  55. kaps says:

    Good to know the real character of Bollywood personalities. Anyone endorsing Congress is just like giving a Rapist another chance to do the same after having left free for numerous occassions.
    Reason for all this hatred against MODI/BJP is this:
    India is a nation where anything Indian/Hinduism is looked down upon, since we were ruled by british for 150-200 years, and after that People like Nehru took charge who were always in awe of US/EU and looked for their approval in actions. This 200+ years of Outside influence will not go away soon. We need people/leaders who can show not only to world but most importantly ourself that Indianism/Hinduism is great way to live life as it has been allthrough when Indian was a Golden bird. Naturally people tilt towards Congress, who just promote Status Quo behaviour and don’t try to do anything to bring about golden old things..

  56. Dharmendra Bhavsar says:

    Lovely Article. Film Industry where i have worked for 25 years is the most hypocrite place i have ever seen. Most of them are selfish who work only to attain their personal goals. Nobody wants to talk about 1984 riots. There were riots in Muzaffarnagar in the recent past. Was Modi involved in those riots. Rahul Gandhi himself admitted in the interview with Arnab Goswami that some congressmen could be responsible for the 1984 riots. Why is no one talking about that? Hindus were killed in Godhra train incident. Nobody sympathises with that. Modi is way above all the so called “SECULAR” politician pigs, rather parasites, who thrive on minority card. It is only because of the patience of Hindus that India has come this far. There is a lot to say and write. But the deaf and blind will not bother to hear or read it. Modi is the only man with a vision in the present lot of politicians. His body language speaks. I only pray to god that the Good Sense prevails on the citizens of india and they vote sensibly.

  57. Dr vivek Myatra says:

    Every word u have written is so true, these guys from Bollywood are not even in Mumbai on Election Day in USA for some function , why misdirect people …. Well written 🙂

  58. Akshat Seth says:

    I don’t think your emotional nonsense has any place for the Gujarat riot victims. Cahpaan inch ki Chaati aur Ek inch ka dil.

  59. sureshkumar says:

    Fantastic we should forward this to every citizens of india

  60. Nice Appeal but I’ll be surprised if anything but silence comes as a reply from your ‘too-much-anti-hindu=secular’ brand of people.
    No one understands the power of repeated assertions than the ad-makers and film-makers. If anchors on national channels carry on an undying campaign, people will form their opinion based on that and not on reality. Can you really blame people? Cunning leaders have long since discovered to their delight that one thing shriman-Ra-pappu-ji and da-aam-mango-ish share is “zero memory”! Mangoes don’t have memory you see! Everyone bases their opinion based on the last thing they heard! so..

  61. Ravi Iyengar, Chennai says:

    Mr.Vivek, Good set of questions, you have asked. I am sure there will be no reply. I wanted to object to the title of the Chaurasia debate program, which says – Has Modi Divided Bollywood?/ Secondly, I understand Teesta Setalvad does not belong to Bollywood, but still she is a signatory. The whole world knowa she is a Congress Agent..

  62. Yes..have to agree with you completely. This is a cowardly letter to say the least by not naming the One who cannot be named!
    My father..the late Pransaab..wrote against the Emergency which was published on the front page of the Screen and he minced no words.
    I hope the signatories to this letter can hold their heads high when their children ask them why they did not have the guts to name Mr. Narendra Modi and the BJP.
    I have been a member of this wonderful industry since birth..have directed films..and still consider myself a part of it. My son now directs ad films.
    Three generations involved in films..and never more ashamed than this stupid letter by people who definitely don’t speak for me and thousands of others that belong to this great industry.

  63. The hollow claims of these psuedo-secularists could not have been nailed better than this..I endorse every point you have put forth.. Divine blessings.

  64. Aamer Gibraan says:

    Its precisely this… This Hindu-Muslim Debate because of which I rather not have Modi on the forefront… Such arguments I witness on the internet, hub of the so-called-upper-middle-class of India, that it scares me what tremors Modi’s appointment as a PM will cause amongst the 80% masses population of India, which forever has thrived on communal divide… I need to think beyond me when I cast my vote… I think our nation – uneducated, backward, gullible and poor – does not need something as sensitive as communal hatred to rip it off its very foundation… So anyone, not only Modi, who is capable of causing this divide, directly or indirectly, should be kept out of power… But then, that’s my opinion… Everyone has their choice… Vote Well!

  65. Shashank Srivastava says:

    Sir, take a bow. ..its s very clear. I will not give the Congress led UPA another chance after the way it has (mis)managed the country and I don’t know a whole lot of people who will. In fact, I don’t see the UPA coming back to power this time; not a chance! I think it is time to move on from 2002. No need to bring it up in every article on Modi. It only serves the purpose of paid media who want to keep it in public memory. Inspite of all investigations by alphabet soup organizations, nothing has been found against him. He has been cleared by law my relative who is in Bihar that when they offered “some thing” as is usual in some states, (for registration of a building recently), the Sub registrar refused stating that in Gujarat, such thing do not happen. Really surprised and felt happy that there is one such state. This article should be an eye opener for those who oppose Modi..Every Indian, who wants “Developed India” should vote for Modi.
    26 △ ▽

  66. gopal1308 says:

    Clear thoughts on secularism, slap on pseudo secularists who use secularism for their vested interest.

  67. Ravi Iyengar, Chennai says:


  68. Indian says:

    Shame on you for being on side of people who are selling India. Wake up before its too late.

  69. Dharmendra Bhavsar says:

    Dear Sunilji,

    You sent this to Mr. Mahesh Bhatt? The Know-all person? who has an opinion on everything under the sun? He really behaves like an intellectual.Hope he replies. i am eager to read his views.

  70. Dear Mr. Agnihotri…thanks a million for a well written cogent article san any shrill rhetoric. Thanks once again. KRV

  71. S bmniac says:

    I strayed here by accident. I avoid seeing films and TV as a matter of habit. May be being a Gutenberg man. I must confess I was agreeably surprised to read such a wonderful blog. There are a few ugly -and no more relevant accretions – in our way of life, culture and our religion too. And there are Lots of good things worth saving too. The guilt and shame which has plagued us from the time of invasions is sapping us. Blogs like this should contribute to a much needed introspection and evaluation of our heritage without foreign lenses.
    Many thanks for giving us your thoughts

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