20 Reasons Why Modi is Divisive.

Since 2002 the entire political discourse has been centred around 2 issues. Corruption in UPA govt and to cover that up Congress played 2002 card calling BJP’s most popular leader Narendra Modi, divisive. It’s another issue that Modi’s increasing popularity has started dividing UPA and Congress.

“Modi is fascist.”

“Modi is majoritarian.”

“Modi is a polarising figure who will divide the country.”

It made me wonder why should a divisive man build a Statue of Unity, world’s tallest, in case you’d didn’t know.

Last one year I have devoted a lot of time understanding the nuances of Indian Politics. I have spent many sleepless nights researching various ideologies, specially BJP’s as I am convinced that Communal thinking is one of the biggest threats as well as challenge for a forward moving India. Now, I have come to a conclusion that the biggest threat to India is none other than a divisive leader aspiring to be India’s Prime Minister – Narendra Modi.

And I came upon this wonderful list which will state point by point why Modi is divisive. (Please bear in mind these are in the context of Elections 2014. If we start going back in time than we will have to go back to Babur.)

1. One of the longest serving Prime Ministers of India Shri Manmohan Singh says ‘Minorities’ must have first claim on the nation’s resources.

But, Modi is divisive.

2. Sushilkumar Shinde, Home Minister of India pushed for controversial ‘Communal Violence Bill’. Shinde wants ‘Muslim youth’ not to be detained ‘wrongfully’. It is perfectly okay if ‘Hindus’ are detained. Kapil Sibal fought for it but the bill was deferred when the government failed to convince the Opposition about its intention to bring such legislation.  BJP led the opposition to fight this flawed bill in the Rajya Sabha and saved India from UPA2’s sinister designs to appease the minority, on the eve of 2014 elections.

But Modi is divisive.

3. In a recent attempt to appease the minority voters after the odious Muzzafarnagar riots, Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty’s heir Rahul Gandhi blurted out that the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI is in contact with local Muslim youths trying to persuade them to join anti India forces after over 60 people were killed and nearly 45,000 displaced in September. 2013. This remark kicked up such a terrible storm that the entire Home Ministry was shaken to the core. Cabinet Minister and Rahul’s close aid, IITian Ramesh Jiram said Mr Gandhi should apologise to the Muslim community. The remark created a furore. Muslim leaders accused Mr Gandhi of questioning the patriotism of their community. The Election Commission had also expressed displeasure over Rahul Gandhi’s remarks and had advised him to be more circumspect in his poll speeches.

But, Modi is divisive.

4. Congress Party’s new prized entrant is Shri Nandan Nilekani, famous for his success at Infosys and as chairperson of the Unique Identification Authority of India, simply put the controversial Aadhar Card.  Nandan is contesting elections from Bangalore, on Congress ticket. In his presser he said that he wants reservations in the private sector, triggering an unparalleled vote-bank politics. Padma Bhushan Shri Nandan Nilekani was NDTV Indian of the Year. He has been in the august company of World’s top leaders/ businessman lists in Time, Forbes and many more. In India, almost every IT graduate is inspired by his life story. He is the man who strongly opposed over-regulation of the Private Sector. Within 24 hours of joining the Congress party he demanded reservations for the minority in the pivate sector. On strong opposition from almost everyone, he took a turn and said he actually meant public sector. What do waiters think of a customer who says ‘Oh, sorry. I ordered Mutton Biryani when I meant Chicken Biryani… but Biryani it is.’ 

Nandan Nilekani has indeed changed his hat. Take a look.


But, Modi is divisive.

5. Sharad Pawar, the founder leader of NCP, Union Minister is a grassroots level politician from Mahrashtra. And a heavyweight in coalition politics. He is also famous for having dubious relations with the ‘sugar lobby’. He is campaigning for reservations for the Marathas.

Surely, Modi is divisive.

6. Recently MujaffarNagar witnessed gruesome communal riots. Muzaffarnagar is ruled by Samajwadi Party whose Hindu leader Mulayam Singh Yadav is known as Maulana Mulayam. Supreme Court appointed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) monitored by SC. SIT in India enjoys utmost credibility and its decision is considered to be the final word. SIT has recently charge sheeted many leaders for instigating the riots. And all of them  belong to either BSP, SP, or Congress.  

But, Modi is divisive.

7. Maulana Mulayam Singh is contesting from two seats. One of them is Azamgarh to consolidate Muslim votes.

But, Modi is devisive.

8.  The real ballsy leader and CM of West Bengal who single-handedly toppled the left Government and sent them in extinction. She wiped out the congress from WB.  She also forced Tata’s to take away his pet Nano project out of WB. Which Modi lapped for .50p. That’s what he must have paid for a SMS message he sent to Ratan Tata and rest is history.  The same messiah of downtrodden, poor & underpriviledged, this ‘sikular’ Mamata Banerjee refuses to meet American Ambassador, Nancy Powell, to ensure that no “wrong signals” are sent out to Muslim voters.

But, Modi is divisive.

9. In India, its almost impossible not to have some Jain friends. In every book, Mahavir’s name is taken in the same breath as Buddha. If you’d ask man on the street he may not even know that Jains are not Hindus. Such is the amalgamation of these two religions.

Keeping an eye on the elections, the Congress bestows Minority status upon the Jains.

But, Modi is divisive.

10. Recently Election Commission censured Salman Khurshid for attempts to entice Muslims through sops like in government jobs.

But, Modi is divisive.

11. Recently a revolutionary emerged on Indian Political Scene. Someone still has to explain to me how can a revolution take place in a Democracy. Isn’t it already a democracy? This revolutionary entered politics in order to teach other corrupt, communal, divisive parties his style of ‘New Politics’. He showed the ‘politically ignored’ middle class a  ray of hope. This muffler-clad leader said he is neither socialist nor capitalist. Neither leftist nor rightist. He doesn’t care about religion, community, caste and creed or even RACE. When it came to his racist minister, this IITian,ex-CM of Delhi,  ‘holier-than-thou’ Arvind Kejriwal, sided with his racist minister.

But, Modi is devisive.

12. His closest comrade and prominent psepholgist, a beneficiary of Congress’s largesse to its sycophant liberals, Yogi Yadav, who spent most of his life advising Sonia Gandhi and blabbering in champagne parties of Chatarpur farms of Delhi, when in caste-ridden Haryana,  seconded, supported and justified reservations demand.  He is constantly wooing Jat and Yadav votes.

But, Modi is divisive.

13. Yogendra Yadav is very aggressively chasing Muslim votes. He realises that Congress is falling apart. Where will Muslim vote go? To SP or BSP? There isn’t much time. So to create fear amongst Muslim community he warned Muslims that if Modi comes to power, India will have to go through one more partition.

Why would India go through partition if the majority elects Modi as their Prime Minister? Doesn’t it go to show that he has no faith in democracy and the mandate of India’s people? Is that his plan? To divide India if Modi comes to power? Or is he doing it to create fear?

But, Modi is divisive.

14. Senior Advocate Prashant Bhushan, again an AAP member and closest comrade of Kejriwal openly demands refrendum in Kashmir and in Naxal areas and Kejriwal passes them as his personal remarks and not a political stand. It’s like Rajnath Singh saying he doesn’t believe in development and wants communal agenda and Modi dismissing them as Singh’s personal views. Is this a child’s game?

But, according to AAP, Modi is divisive.

15. AAP calls Batla House fake and Saint Topival writes to the ‘Muslim brothers’, asking them to vote for AAP.

But, Modi is divisive.

16. Captain Marvel of Indian politics Arvind Kejriwal is attending Muslim Groups hangouts wearing skull cap. Imagine if Modi were to attend a Hindu Sabha. Or even RSS sabha.?

Kejriwal keeps asking about how many Muslims have been given tickets by BJP? Is this how IITians are groomed to be responsible, secular leaders? For last two days, in Varansi,  he is meeting Muslim groups because that is his potential vote-bank.  Nothing wrong with that. But he told us to warn him if he ever plays vote-bank politics. And if true, he will leave the politics, forever. But he is not listening.


What kind of political leader is he who takes off his own party’s official cap, which represents secularism and doesn’t belong to any belief-group, and replaces it with a Muslim skull cap. Just to appease them.

But, Modi is divisive.

17. Some prominent journalists like Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghosh and Barkha Dutt and the ilk have run sinister campaigns against labelling Modi as polarising leader but they leave no opportunity to question Hindu sentiments and supporting minorities unreasonable demands . Covertly on their channels and overtly on social media. Sagarika Ghosh has coined a term on Social Media ‘Internet Hindoos’.

But, Modi is devisive.

18. Another reason why Modi is divisive because he has changed the political discourse from communal/secular debate to unity, development and governance. He has  changed the agenda. He has shifted it from communal debate to developmental agenda.

But, Modi is devisive.

19. Slowly, but steadily, parties, leaders, work-groups, thought groups and competent people have started coming under the fold of NDA. There is a sense of Unity and Hope. People are getting united in expressing their aspirations by supporting Modi. When was the last time we saw Varansi and Vadodra celebrating together only on the announcement of a MP’s candidature?  In this case it’s Narendra Modi.

But, Modi is devisive.

20. If Modi wins, this would be the first time in Indian electoral history that a Prime Minister would have won without playing caste, religion or community card. If Modi wins, he would have won on the promise of Unity and Development.

See, I told you Modi is divisive.

Thanks to twiteratti for inspiring me with ‘But, Modi is devisive’ jokes and filling me with so much information. 

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17 Responses to 20 Reasons Why Modi is Divisive.

  1. Jeeva says:

    Only NaMo

  2. sihigali says:

    Modi/BJP/RSS all are synonyms. I am not congress fan. But I am convinced that Modi/BJP/RSS are far dangerous to the country than congress/AAP/rest of India. I am born Hindu, not converted to any other religion. Nevertheless, I hate religion fights. That’s exactly what happens where ever BJP’s feet are printed. In karnataka, first time BJP came into power in last term. Result is attack on churches, msjids, pubs, donation of shameless amount of money to Mathas taken from our tax money. Note that I don’t like giving money to chruches and masjids also. But BJP does it one sided. Like muslim fundamentalist fill poisonous thoughts into its youth, BJP is doing same via RSS making large population of India boil their blood over mistakes happened in history and attempting to correct now, where we are actually supposed to spend our time and energy on science, bringing equality in society etc. You ask any BJP supporter, mostly they want to or okay with killing other religion people. Coming to corruption, we have witnessed all time high corruption since independence in our state in last term, when BJP was in power. Coming to morality, or I should say immorality, we have hit all time low since independence in our state, in last term. There was a minister, having affair with a nurse, she coming open in public, issue settling on money, there was a minister, who slept with friend’s ife, there was a minister, who wanted only a secret relationship with a widow, but no public acceptance, there was a minister, who allegedly is the person behind his wife’s mysterious death, only to hang out more with his colleague friend, for whom, he left party but rejoined party for the same of her, there two ministers who watched blue film in assembly…the whole nation, even the judges who gave clean chit to Modi, know that he was a mass murderer. You know, even hitler was adored in those days, because he was punishing jews as entire community because jews took away all knowledge and weatlth with them leaving others as slaves. He was doing a right cause isn’t it ? nevertheless, hitler was a hitler whom the whole world hated. Same with Modi. Advani, who is such a big leader, with so many people’s support, should have utilized his power to uplift the country through agricutlure revolution, silicon revolution, economic reforms, social reforms to bring justice to all communities, but what he was doing, led his mass followers destroy some masjid which led to destroy of temple and eventually one killing another, do you call this development ? where we can head to if Modi of advani comes to ppower ? Modi has done only VISIBLE development in gujrath, by joining hands with corporates. Do you think flyovers, metros tall buildings means development? if so, come to bangalore, we have double development here. But that’s not develpment I feel. Development is when every person in this country have 2 meals a day atleast, a house to sleep, having equal rights and respect irrespective of his caste and religion, a job to earn his bread. without fulfilling these basic needs, anything else is not development, its all bullshit, only 100 or 200 out of billion people pocketing rest people’s sweat.

    Now you see that I spoke only one sided, anti-BJP. Same you have done in your article, pro-BJP.

    • Veeru says:

      You are completely misguided, not only you are wrong on basic facts, but it’s apparent that you just lack full picture and go by whatever is written in news papers and whatever is shown in biased tv channels. Communal riots are not a phenomena invented by BJP, they happened even in 1948 at partition and happened multiple times before BJP came into existence in 1980. Since you lack lot of detail on history, it’s better you read it up first. Narendra Modi has done grass roots development in Gujarat, not just flyovers. Predominantly arid state like Gujarat is showing 10% year on year improvement in agriculture. There was a time when more than 5000 water tankers were used to supply water to villages, under Modi’s rule in Gujarat number has come down to less than 500 now. Soon it will become zero, but Congress is just holding up permissions on installing gates on Sardar Sarovar dam. 24×7 electricity to villages has stopped migration from villages as small scale industries can now operate from there.. broadband connectivity to all villages has created jobs in villages, healthworks about which google & microsoft are talking now, was implemented in Gujarat by 2005 itself. You are completely wrong on both counts, BJP is not communal & Modi has done exceptional development work in Gujarat. BJP is the only party that has nationalist spirit & they passionately defend & respect civilization & culture of this country. They are not trying to make amends for what happened in history, but they are working towards restoring the glory of this country. If you can’t understand that much, then surely you have fallen for Congress propaganda, you are just a misinformed/misguided person.

  3. Rajneet says:

    Wow..I must compliment you for writing such a good article..

  4. Bindiya Bedi Charan says:

    For a project worth 2600 Crs. Modi Government has provided loans worth 9800 Crs to biz houses at 0.1 % payable post 20 years.The Adanis benefiting by 24000 Crs on electricity purchase as middlemen spread over 25 yrs…..ofcourse Modi is divisive

  5. MShah says:

    Mate, UPA didn’t exist in 2002 (check line one). Sorry, but I stopped reading then.

  6. Being Human says:

    Great strategy. This Blog, your facebook posts and Twitter comments clearly indicates your motive to promote your next film Buddha in a Traffic Jam and Freedom.

    #bjp #india #kejriwal #modi #politics #vivekaghnihotri

  7. jaru kailash says:

    nice..but modi is divisive

  8. Dev says:

    Immature analysis done. I would not agree to any of your kindergarten sort of analysis, Grow Guys.

  9. Avi says:

    Good article.

    Kejriwal has battered the IIT brand image rather badly.

  10. Rekha says:

    Yes, yours is anti BJP, not anti communal friend.If it’s anti communal you would have posted congress and other political parties massacres too.
    Congress (sonia)watched when sikh massacre happened.Congress(Narasima rao govt) tied its own hands when Babri Masjid was demolished because it wanted it to happen.Sonia pardoned Nalini and Murugan thro’the front door and eliminated a race back door.Muzaffarnagar violence is a typical case of divisive politics.Nothing could move Vadhera.So soft terrorism
    or back door violence or instigating violence by divisive methods is ok?
    If found guilty punish Modi , punish Sonia(congress) punish every one who massacred people atleast say from 1984!!!. I will not support any political party that I feel communical, better the last button.!!!

  11. BHARAT says:

    you are certainly biased against the Yadavs… never missing an opportunity to emphasize the Yadav connnection…

  12. Jogeswar dehury says:

    Nice lines but we Hindus have no right in Hindustan . Have to wait till it’s enough then I thin will be the time to show what true Hindus are until then let the dogs bark.

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