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20 Reasons Why Modi is Divisive.

Since 2002 the entire political discourse has been centred around 2 issues. Corruption in UPA govt and to cover that up Congress played 2002 card calling BJP’s most popular leader Narendra Modi, divisive. It’s another issue that Modi’s increasing popularity … Continue reading

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Festival of Democracy

Today, Election Commissioner of India, announced General elections for the 16th Lok Sabha. Between 7th April and May 12th, in the biggest election in world’s history will see 814 million¬†adults eligible to vote, from the remote Himalayas in the north … Continue reading

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The role of Baba Ramdev in 2014

Electoral politics is that ‘zone’ of Maths which only people on drugs can understand. While everyone debates between Modi and Congress, I found this zone in two people. One, Arvind Kejriwal, which is no surprise. But my second Zone is … Continue reading

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